Weekend in Review

Another busy weekend, although honestly, if I typed “this was a very mellow, low-key weekend, I did nothing,” you would call me a liar.

Also – this is the third time I have started this blog post. It keeps freezing & disappearing, and I am putting you on notice, Word Press! Or something.

ANYWAYS – I’m sure the first couple of times I typed this out, I was much wittier, so if this is boring, just pretend it’s awesome.

Friday I had my third (of four) standing up straight appointments. Although I’m making great strides in standing (outstanding!), there is a small problem. I’ve started pronating in my right foot as a reaction to the surgery. This pronation is causing my fifth metatarsal to spread outwards, which in turn is causing the little toe to point inwards. Or, in other words, the EXACT SAME FUCKING THING THAT CAUSED ME TO HAVE SURGERY IN THE FIRST PLACE. Ahem. Sorry. That makes me shouty. It also makes me want to kick the surgeon in the shins (with my left foot) for saying I didn’t need physical therapy. Clearly that would’ve been a waste of time, preventing a recurrence of the problem that was now caused by the surgery that was supposed to fix it.

Moving on.

After standing up straight & balancing on one leg, I went home and did some homework before hopping on a bus to go to Surreptitious Brew Review #24 at Tugboat Brewing. Surreptitious, because last time, I did my usual facebook invite, and eleventy hundred people showed up and tried to fit in a space designed for 10 people.

This place was a wee bit bigger, but still wee, so only a few people came (invites were sent based on a complicated algorithm that took into account a) who shows up most often and b) who seems the most enthusiastic about beer).

Brew review #24 - April 8, 2011

After brew reviewing (I really liked this place, and am committing to posting brew reviews 22, 23 & 24 in the next three weeks. I promise), we headed across the street to Bailey’s taproom, which is just a great place to grab a beer.

Saturday morning, I got up bright & early to head to the Living Yoga yogathon (give me money, if you so desire – link in the sidebare). I am on the yogathon committee (with Jen & Emily – Emily is the head honcho).

It was such a great day! We got all set up, and then people showed up to register. I participated (along with fellow yogathoner Sarah!) in the yoga class and the guided meditation, before helping break everything down & heading home to finish my paper.

I also finished my bacon on Saturday. I had made a batch of maple-flavored bacon and one of just plain old salty bacon. The maple bacon was fantastic! So good. Awesome. The other bacon? A wee bit on the salty side. BUT – it will be great for soups, I’m sure. No extra salt needed!

Next time, I’m going to plan things better so I can take advantage of the neighbor’s smoker without having to bother said neighbor immediately after she’s had surgery.

Bacon! April 9, 2011

Saturday night was pretty exciting. The architect & I went out to dinner (used a Groupon) at a place I used to love (definitely used to – Saturday night was not a good experience), and then went out dancing all night went home, popped in a movie, and were asleep before 10.

Sunday morning was a lazy morning. I made us breakfast: maple bacon, homemade bread (courtesy the architect), and eggs (courtesy anonymous donors) topped with parsley from my herb garden.


After breakfast, we kicked it into high gear. There was cleaning. And vacuuming. And laundry. And grocery shopping. And finally replacing my headlights on my car so I can drive at night (the dim lights died, one after another, the weekend we were in Seattle). And then – some gardening.

A picture of possibility....peas, arugula, and radishes - April 10, 2011

I planted peas and arugula and radishes, some hops, and removed a stupid bush of evil thorniness. I also turned over all the dirt in the main garden, getting it ready for tilling (not that too much is going in any time soon – carrots, beets & onions, but the rest of that garden will be given over to peppers, tomatoes & corn, none of which should be planted any time soon (step away from the tomato plants, Portlanders! just because you CAN buy them in April doesn’t mean you should).

I reacquainted myself with all my trees, offered some encouraging words, gave myself a couple new blisters (hoeing is such hard work!), and then, after the architect finished mowing the lawn, we sat on the patio and had a beer.  Shortly after that, we set up the motion-activated sprinkler to try to discourage the stupid dog from down the street from shitting in my newly planted garden. I hate him & his stupid owners who just let the thing out every morning to go do his business wherever he feels like. I am about one more 1-gallon bag full of crap from buying them a bunch of baggies & returning what their dog has left behind. FOR REAL. HATE!!!

After drowning the hate with the beer, it was time for dinner.

We made linguine with fresh asparagus (unfortunately not from my garden), tomatoes, garlic (this time from my garden) and some of the homemade chicken sausage from last weekend (ooh – and homemade broth from my pantry!). It was so good. SO GOOD. Honestly, one of the best meals I’ve ever made.


(I think I need to take a food photography class….is there such a thing? All my food is blurry.)

Last night was another early night – all that hoeing made me tired.

This morning, I was getting ready to work & went to grab my glasses. The new ones. The ones I’ve had for a week and a half.

And they were gone!

I was so sad – where could they be? I remembered having them on Friday at the bar, and I also remembered taking them off Friday at the bar & stowing them in their handy little case. Did I leave them at the bar?

I know I hadn’t worn them since Friday night.

I had a vague memory of shoving them in my purse before heading out on Saturday, but maybe that was just wishful thinking?

This is why I can’t have nice things, people!

Good news, though – they have been found. I did indeed shove them in my purse on Saturday morning, but they hopped right out at some point during the yogathon. Perhaps they wanted to try a couple poses. They were picked up by the Living Yoga ED and saved from being lost forever, and tomorrow I get to have them back.

Yay!  Who doesn’t love a happy ending?

Happy week, everyone! See you back here tomorrow for shoesday!

Yay! Glasses!

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