Buy my Book, Bitches

I feel like that’s what 100% of my posts lately have been. This is no exception. My latest book – an Oracle Bay novella – releases today. Wing and a Prayer is in the box set Wings of the Wicked, and if you get right on it, you can pick up 25 books – some of which, I have it on very good authority, bring the heat. We’re trying to hit the USA Today Bestseller list, which would be awesome to put on my book covers, and if you can spare $0.99 to grab this set, I’d be grateful. You have this week only to pick it up for $0.99 – on Sunday, the price goes up!

I’ll be back later this week with a general 2018 wrap-up/2019 plans. You may or may not remember that I already had my New Year celebration in August (Amy’s Year of the Phoenix), so it’s about time to check in to see where I’m at with that. (Spoiler: NOT VERY FAR. IT HAS BEEN A YEAR.)

I rang in the new year with the Beer Guy and my face shingles, but things are definitely looking up now. They have to. I might be able to get further down, but I’m hoping this ladder I’ve constructed out of hemp and iffy metaphors will hold as I climb back out and work on taking care of myself well enough to keep parenting and partnering and writing.

I hope you all had a great 2018 and your 2019 is off to an even better start!

Wings of the Wicked – Release Day is Nigh!

Wings of the Wicked – the box set of which I am a part – is about 3 weeks from release date. Now’s your chance to preorder the whole set, including my Oracle Bay novella “Wing and a Prayer,” for $0.99! We’re trying to hit the USA Today Bestseller list, and I’m hoping you can help buy grabbing a copy.

To help my cause, I’m giving away the entire e-catalog of my published books, including the novella in Wings of the Wicked. To enter to win, head over to my Facebook page and share this post. For a bonus entry, leave a screenshot of your proof of purchase of Wings of the Wicked! 

I’ll draw two winners at noon (Pacific) on Monday, December 17!

Good Luck and Happy Reading!

First Hand Knowledge – Release Day

My sixth book released today! I am pretty excited to have First Hand Knowledge out in the world – for so many reasons. I’m slowing down a bit now. Turns out that my publishing schedule was a wee bit ambitious.

BUT BUT BUT! Here it is! Book 6!

First Hand Knowledge

Welcome to Oracle Bay, the town where the local psychics were already expecting you! Once the playground of various divinities, it’s now the home of their preternaturally talented descendants.

Tourists come for the psychics, the quirky shops with punny names, and the quaint, small town vibe, but they stay for the Autumn Bazaar organized by the head of the psychics’ union, Misty Greene. Born and raised in Oracle Bay, she’s known Joseph McEwan all her life. What she doesn’t know is why the affable kid she knew in high school turned into the town crank when he took over the family goat farm.

Burdened with the weight of family secrets, Joseph struggles to maintain his life in Oracle Bay and his grumpy façade. When the pressure causes Joseph to pull his crowd-pleasing goat cheeses from the Autumn Bazaar, tensions with Misty come to a head. When she confronts the cantankerous farmer about his perceived sabotage, the friction breaks with a kiss. But secrets, mistrust, a mysterious stranger, and some missing goats all conspire to keep Misty and Joseph apart. Will they be able to get over a decade of bad blood compounded by mutual distrust to find Billie Holiday, Joseph’s prize goat, or will Joseph’s desire to keep his secrets outweigh his desire for Misty? Most importantly, will everything be resolved in time for the Bazaar?

It’s available now in ebook across all platforms and will be in paperback very, very soon.

If you haven’t grabbed book 1, yet, now’s your chance!

$0.99 Books!

Additionally, you can grab a copy of Wings of the Wicked – a set of 25 novellas (including Oracle Bay #2.5, “Wing and a Prayer”) for only $0.99. It comes out on January 8, 2019 and will – like all the novellas – be a walk on the wilder side!









And finally, through 12/4/18 only, The Cardinal Gate is on sale for $0.99! If you haven’t grabbed your copy yet, now is the best time to do it! It isn’t scheduled to be on sale again for a long, long while! There aren’t quite as many puns, and there are many, many more f-words and adult situations, but the Eleanor Morgan books are just as fun as Oracle Bay!

Schedule Update

As I mentioned above, I’m slowing down a bit. That means that the next Oracle Bay novel, Belle of the Ball, won’t be out by the end of the year. However, I am planning on getting it out before the next Eleanor Morgan book (The Lost Child, scheduled for the end of February). I just need a chance to breathe and regroup.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments or requests! Want me to name a character after you/your cat/your narcissistic ex? I am here for you! Happy reading, everyone! Enjoy!


Oracle Bay everywhere!

You guys! The Wings of the Wicked box set, of which I am a part, is up for presale for $0.99! Get it while it’s hot! We are trying to hit the USA Today bestseller list and every $0.99 purchase gets us a little bit closer.

Wings of the Wicked releases 1/8/19 and has 25 books in them – this is a pretty fancy bargain!

One of those books is my Oracle Bay novella Wing and a Prayer.

Come see the darker side of Oracle Bay…there’s a lot more heat and a little bit of sin (but only the fun kind…).


And if you haven’t grabbed the first (much lighter and fluffier) Oracle Bay book, you can pick up Not in the Cards up today and dive into the world of psychics, mysteries, and romance.

You might want to get on that pretty soon, because book 2 comes out next week! That’s right, First Hand Knowledge is available for preorder right now and has a scheduled release day of 11/27. If you’re looking for love, goat shenangians, and divinely inspired kidnappings (heh. kidnappings. because goats.) then you’re going to enjoy book 2…

I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving if you celebrate, and managed to keep it completely clear of all casual racism! Good luck with your aunties, everyone.

It’s Here! It’s Here!

Not in the Cards, the first book in my new series, is out! Right now! Like, you can fucking buy it, and it will instantaneously appear in your ereader of choice.

You can pick up what I’m throwing down for $0.99 now, or $3.99 whenever the price goes back up.

When my first book came out, I was super tense. I assumed it was because it was my first book. Turns out, every book has the same effect.

Have a great weekend. Enjoy Sandy and the psychics; there’s a lot going on in Oracle Bay.