March to the beat

It’s March! That is full on banana crackers.

My mantra of the mouth month is “release expectations & create boundaries.”

This year is zipping by for me, and it is a good, good year so far. (Knock on wood, pet a black cat, throw salt at a ladder and all that goodness.)

I want to thank everyone for helping make my birthday & book release week so fantastic! I had so much fun giving away books (and there is still one more giveaway! squeeeee! come over the dark side fun side and join my Amyzonian reader group for giveaways, memes, and general shenanigans) and meeting so many new readers and authors, and all around having a great time.

I have literally been typing this post for going on 12 days now, so that’s where my brain is! But here it is, March 15, and I am determined (DETERMINED!) to finish it. Probably.

I love this month – everything starts blooming, the days are lighter meaning I can now comfortably (at least if it ever stops raining) survey the grounds after dinner with my glass of grounds-surveying wine in hand. My grounds are not so immense that it’s terribly taxing, but I like to see what’s growing, what’s greening, what needs weeding, and all the day-to-day changes. And we have the most magnificent skies…

photo by me – March 2022

I hate this month – stupid time change messing up my sleep and my kid’s sleep and all the sleep. Alos, it’s raining a lot, and it’s hard to survey the grounds.

by September I will be dancing in the streets when we get our first good rain of the fall, but right now I am ready for a break and sunshine and 70 degrees.

But I’m overall doing better (not great, better) at getting to bed at a reasonable hour, even if I’m not falling asleep. And I went running last week, and I’m going to do it again this week. (And I’m going to fight the urge to put together a ridiculously ambitious training plan with 3-4 days of running, a day of biking, 2 swims, 2 strength sessions, and 2 yoga classes each week, because 45 year old mother of one with a full time day job and a busy writing/editing career is not the same as 32 year old mother of none with a 4 day/week job (demanding but still) and nothing else but grad school on the table. But still… training plans are my weakness.

happy March 2022 running face

NO! STAY STRONG AMY! Maybe once I’m in 5k form, I can put together a wee tiny training plan. Just a small one.

(Welcome to my brain! Aren’t you glad you stopped by?)

Here’s to the rest of March, a happy spring, and a continuing decent 2022… (low bar, but…)

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