Eden Valley is paranormal women’s fiction because all the protags in the main novels are 40+. (And, in the case of our MC from book 4, much, much, much over 40.) The novels all have an HEA…the novellas either have HEAs or the promise of a HEA later.

Eden Valley is a complete series with four novels and four novellas. 

Eden Valley is an idyllic town set on the edge of a picturesque lake in the eastern Cascades of Washington State. Every summer throngs of tourists flock to the high elevation town to escape the heat, but not everyone flocks back home.

Eden Valley is not quite right, and one of the biggest tells is that no one in Eden Valley knows that anythings amiss.

Raising a Demon- the first in series – is the story of Evie & Lily. Evie is a 40-something single mom to her almost-too-precocious 10 year old. She has great friends, fantastic parents, and that aforementioned maddening but delightful child. And then… (see what I mean about those ‘and thens’?) She catches her kid in the woods with a Ouija board, demon tome, and some text cribbed from Supernatural. Next thing she knows, her world’s been turned upside down when Lily’s demon summoning accidentally brings Luc – Evie’s summer fling from 11 years ago and Lily’s dad – back to town. 

Eden Valley Reading Order (Chronological)

  • Fall From Grace (Eden Valley World novella; setting: 1970s Eden Valley; published: January 2022)
  • Match Made in Hell (Eden Valley World novella; setting: 2010 Eden Valley; published June 2021)
  • Raising a Demon (setting 2021 Eden Valley; published June 2021)
  • Devil and the Deep Blue Lake (setting 2022 Eden Valley; published September 2021)
  • Valley of Angels (setting 2022 Eden Valley; published November 2021)
  • Hell’s Bells (Eden Valley World novella; setting 2022 Eden Valley; published December 2021)
  • Guardian of Eden (setting 2023 Eden Valley; published February 2022)
  • Devil May Care (Eden Valley World novella; 30+ years later; published February 2022)