First Hand Knowledge

Title: First Hand Knowledge
Series: Psychics of Oracle Bay #2
Published by: Broken World Publishing
Release Date: November 27, 2018
Author: Amy Cissell

Cover Art: Cissell Ink
Developmental Editing: Aria Jones
Copy Editing & Proofreading: Christopher Barnes

Genre: , ,
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Mystic Green doesn’t have time for romance…

…especially with the man who’s been a thorn in her side since high school.

What happens when a magic goat and a mysterious cloaked stranger butt heads in Oracle Bay?

Misty Greene, born and raised in Oracle Bay, is content to oversee her Main Street real estate holdings, run the annual Autumn Bazaar, and spend time with the close-knit group of oracles that deliver uncannily accurate fortunes and craft practically perfect puns.

She doesn’t know – and certainly no longer cares – why Joseph McEwen, the affable and attractive kid she knew in high school, turned into the town crank when he took over his family’s goat farm. Burdened with the weight of family secrets, Joseph struggles to maintain his life in Oracle Bay and the grumpy façade that keeps people from asking too many questions.

When he backs out of his obligations at the Autumn Bazaar, she’s finally had enough. Misty confronts the cantankerous farmer, and the tension between them comes to a head with a passionate kiss.

Will they be able to overcome a decade of bad blood compounded by mutual distrust to find a chance at love? Or will dark secrets, a mysterious stranger, and some missing goats be enough to keep Misty and Joseph apart?

First Hand Knowledge is book 2 in the Psychics of Oracle Bay paranormal cozy mystery romance series by USA Today Bestselling Author Amy Cissell.

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