Stakes and Stems

Title: Stakes and Stems
Series: Vamps in the Vineyard #.5
Published by: Broken World Publishing
Release Date: September 20, 2022
Author: Amy Cissell

Cover Design: Cissell Ink

Edited & Proofread by: Cissell Ink

Genre: ,

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There are no vampires.


At least that’s what Charlie Williams keeps telling herself. After her winery’s last event nearly turned into supernatural bloodshed, she’s understandably nervous about her Valentine’s winemaker dinner. Things go from bad to worse when alarms go off at the winery and cops discover messages scrawled on the walls in blood.


Charlie is barely keeping it together as she rallies her staff and deals with guests, all while avoiding the idea that vampires are infesting her winery. But when her best friend and her events manager go on high alert, Charlie is left wondering if her winery will be a success or die on the vine…


Stakes and Stems is a prequel novella to Here to Slay in the Vamps in the Vineyard Paranormal Women’s Fiction Adventure series. If you like strong female characters, all slaying and no laying, and more vampire puns than you can shake a stake at, then this is the series for you!

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