The Cardinal Gate

Title: The Cardinal Gate
Series: An Eleanor Morgan Fantasy Adventure #1
Published by: Broken World Publishing
Release Date: February 28, 2017
Author: Amy Cissell

Cover Art: Covers by Combs
Developmental Editing: Jennifer Severino
Copy Editing & Proofreading: Christopher Barnes

Genre: ,
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I am faced with an impossible choice: destroy the world of my birth or the world I call home?

I was minding my own business, giving Hedge Antilles—my laurel hedge big enough to warrant its own name—a much-needed trim when bam! Vampire! (Bampire?) At least that’s what he called himself, and he did have pointy fangs, try to bite my neck, and died with a stake to the heart. He also called me a fairy before he bit it—literally and figuratively.

Now I’m in a race I don’t quite understand to open gates I’m not entirely sure should be opened to save the Fae Realm, the home I don’t remember. Finn—up until now, my best friend—is guiding me on this quest, but we both need some personal growth if we’re gonna make things work. He needs to get over the hope that I’ll ever be in love with him, and I need to get over the fact that he deliberately infiltrated my life by order of my absent Fae father.

Not everything on this whirlwind quest is bad, though—Isaac, Mr. Tall, Dark, and Handsome werewolf, is along for the ride (that’s what she said…). There are too many secrets to sort out, and I feel like I’m the only one playing this thing straight.

Everyone seems to think I’m going to shatter this world, but only some believe I’ll save it. Am I trusting the right people, or will my faith in my friends be the reason I destroy it all?

THE CARDINAL GATE is the first book in the Eleanor Morgan novels, a complete 7-book contemporary fantasy series. If you love (or love to hate) the fae, shifters, witches, vampires, a little steam, a sprinkling of puns, and a lot of adventure, Eleanor Morgan is the woman for you.

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