Eleanor Morgan is a 7-book series (complete) of contemporary fantasy books. Eleanor is in her mid-30s and is living a perfectly ordinary life. And then… (there’s always a “and then”) She finds out she was a changeling child – one left on the doorstep of a human couple by the Fae. And her quest is to reopen the gates between Earth & the Fae plane which will help bring balance back to both worlds, but maybe at the cost of destroying herself and everything she’s ever known. 

The Cardinal Gate is the first in this series. Eleanor definitely has a lot more swearing, violence, and explicitly naked sexy times. There are witches and vampires and zombies and dragons and werewolves. Lots of snark. Lots of adventure. And a few broken hearts along the way. Romance isn’t the main theme, but there is definitely some of that going on. 

I love me some Eleanor… But, if you ask some of the other people who’ve hung out with her, she pales in comparison to Raj, the sexy AF vampire who can’t talk without flirting and Florence, Eleanor’s (don’t call her Ellie) bff who may or may not have had an entire secret life in the 60s & 70s…but don’t ask too many questions.

You can get each of the books separately, of course, but they’re also available in two box sets.