Abortion Access Fundraising Sale

Midlife Magic in Eden Valley (books 1-3) and Psychics of Oracle Bay (books 1-4) are on sale on my (buy direct) Payhip site. 100% of proceeds (sale price – shipping – wholesale cost of book = approximately $8/book) go to support abortion access & will be divided between: South Dakota Access for Every Woman (http://sdaccess4everywoman.org) and NARAL (https://www.prochoiceamerica.org/fight-back-for-our-freedom/). If you’d like me to direct the aboriton access funds somewhere else, let me know!

The books!

Vamps in the Vineyard

Hi! I write paranormal women’s fiction, paranormal romance, and contemporary fantasy. I have four series you can grab (see above!)

I live in Portland, OR where I balance writing, spending not-enough time with my own demon child, and trying to convince my husband (fellow author C. Thomas Lafollette) to let me start a robust haunted doll collection.

Thanks for stopping by, reading, and admiring my middle-aged hotness.

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