Wing and a Prayer

Title: Wing and a Prayer
Series: Psychics of Oracle Bay #3
Published by: Broken World Publishing
Release Date: March 14, 2019
Author: Amy Cissell

Cover Art: Cissell Ink
Copy Editing & Proofreading: Christopher Barnes

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When a semi-retired fallen angel accidentally instigates an apocalypse, he finds himself trapped between an old flame and a new love interest. Which one will earn his loyalty and draw him to fight for their side? Will the memory of his halo be enough to save him and the world?

Andy Sterling, fallen angel and former right-hand demon to Lucifer stumbled on a lucky break and a one-way ticket out of hell. After settling in Oracle Bay and opening an award-winning brewery, he’s content to brew beer, tease the ubiquitous resident psychics, and settle into the obscurity of small-town life.

A Halloween scuffle instigated by some rowdy angels sets a series of events into motion, and soon the small-town easy living is threatened by an Armageddon. This time, the world isn’t the only thing on the line—Andy has his heart to guard as well.

Wing and a Prayer is an Oracle Bay novella set between books 2 & 3. It has a little bit of supernatural shenanigans, a dash of apocalyptic tomfoolery, and a boatload of puns.

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