Not in the Cards

Welcome to Oracle Bay! The local psychics have been expecting you!

Sandy Franklin is on the run from her old life and her almost-ex-husband. Lured to Oracle Bay when she spots a classified ad for a cheap, coastal apartment above a tarot shop, Sandy is ready to start a new business and a new life. She signs the lease and gets more than a place to live—a gaggle of wine-drinking, pun-making seers comes part and parcel with her new home and newer abilities.

When Vincent, the handsome stranger who owns most of Main Street, announces he’s selling Oracle Bay to stave off financial ruin, Sandy and the other psychics devise a plan to save the town using their divination skills and a little old-fashioned sleuthing.

The one thing Sandy couldn't predict was how hard she'd fall for the one man who could crush Oracle Bay and make her house of cards come tumbling down. Will Sandy get a chance at true love with the man whose past might be even more dangerous than her own?

Not in the Cards is the first in the Oracle Bay series—paranormal romances with a touch of mystery, a dash of supernatural tomfoolery, and a boatload of puns.

First Hand Knowledge

Mystic Green doesn’t have time for romance…

…especially with the man who’s been a thorn in her side since high school.

What happens when a magic goat and a mysterious cloaked stranger butt heads in Oracle Bay?

Misty Greene, born and raised in Oracle Bay, is content to oversee her Main Street real estate holdings, run the annual Autumn Bazaar, and spend time with the close-knit group of oracles that deliver uncannily accurate fortunes and craft practically perfect puns.

She doesn’t know – and certainly no longer cares – why Joseph McEwen, the affable and attractive kid she knew in high school, turned into the town crank when he took over his family’s goat farm. Burdened with the weight of family secrets, Joseph struggles to maintain his life in Oracle Bay and the grumpy façade that keeps people from asking too many questions.

When he backs out of his obligations at the Autumn Bazaar, she’s finally had enough. Misty confronts the cantankerous farmer, and the tension between them comes to a head with a passionate kiss.

Will they be able to overcome a decade of bad blood compounded by mutual distrust to find a chance at love? Or will dark secrets, a mysterious stranger, and some missing goats be enough to keep Misty and Joseph apart?

First Hand Knowledge is book 2 in the Psychics of Oracle Bay paranormal cozy mystery romance series by USA Today Bestselling Author Amy Cissell.

Wing and a Prayer

A modern apocalypse threatens Oracle Bay…

…while a beautiful oracle holds a fallen angel’s heart in her hands.

Will Andy’s memory of his halo be enough to save the world?

Andy Sterling, former fallen angel has been cast out of heaven and hell and is hiding in plain sight in Oracle Bay. He’s been content to brew award-winning beer, tease the ubiquitous resident psychics, and settle into the obscurity of small-town life.

Ceridwen Kenny looked into his mind to solve a mystery, and they both got much more than they’d bargained for. She can’t forget what she’s seen, he can’t get her out of his mind, and they can’t seem to keep their hands off each other.
A Halloween scuffle instigated by some rowdy angels sets a series of events into motion, and soon his small-town obscurity is threatened by an apocalypse. This time, the world isn’t the only thing on the line—Andy has his heart to guard as well.

In the battle between heaven and hell, which side will earn his loyalty and his sword? And will he be able to protect his heart while he also guards Oracle Bay?

Wing and a Prayer is book 3 in the Psychics of Oracle Bay paranormal romance series. It’s a short novel with a “happily for now” by USA Today Bestselling Author Amy Cissell.

Belle of the Ball

January in Oracle Bay is usually quiet…

…but this year, murder and mayhem disturb the peace.

With his psychic powers on the fritz, will Drew and his crystal ball be able solve the mystery before someone else dies?

Drew Hardy is recovering from the latest apocalypse by making eyes at his ex-boyfriend, Bill, in hopes of rekindling their romance. But when a pair of mischievous kittens show up and usher in post-holiday chaos instead, Drew must channel his favorite fictional detectives to discover who is driving up the crime rate in this sleepy oceanside village.

Is it Dio—the attractive playboy and Drew’s rebound fling—who’s back in town? Or Martha, who always knows what’s going on before anyone else? Or, is it Ryan, who believes the town’s psychics are bad news?

With their powers mysteriously missing and an unusual party atmosphere permeating the town, Drew and his psychic friends can’t see who’s responsible for the practical jokes, power-theft, and murders.

Will Drew figure out who’s to blame before anyone else gets hurt? And can he finally let go of the past and let himself have a happily ever after?

Belle of the Ball is book 4 in the Psychics of Oracle Bay series—paranormal mystery romances by USA Today Bestselling Author Amy Cissell.

Hell and High Water

Ceridwen Kenny is in a race against time…

…and her past and future are on a collision course that will destroy everything.

Can Ceri lay the ghosts from her past to rest in time to save her town, her mind, and her heart?

Three hundred years ago, Ceridwen Kenny’s family ran her out of town after they found out she had the sight. Now, she’s buried her past and settled in Oracle Bay where she makes a living scrying for tourists and never lets herself think about her brief but fiery fling with local brewer and fallen angel Andy Sterling.

Ceri is barely holding her mind and her memories together after accidentally scrying the entire universe’s past, present, and future in Andy’s mind, and now the only thing keeping the demons at bay is his touch.

The rest of the psychics are looking for a solution so she can get some distance from Andy—and regain her resolve to keep things strictly platonic. But when ghosts from her past start haunting her present, Ceri can no longer keep her precarious sanity a secret from her friends or the fallen angel she can’t walk away from.

Can Ceri survive long enough to figure out how to slam the door to hell closed and find out who’s after her—and why? And will she take a chance and trust her heart to the fallen angel standing by her side?

Hell and High Water, the fifth book in the Psychics of Oracle Bay series, is a paranormal mystery romance from USA Today Bestselling Author Amy Cissell.