January 2022 Check in – Who needs sleep?

So. Sleep. How have I been doing with that?


I started strong – I had plans! And alarms! (I’m very alarm focused) And then… My day job got hectic AF, I was up against several deadlines for writing/editing/marketing, and I desperately need about 90 minutes before bedtime to decompress.

I was 100% not following my health and sanity rules and 200% staying up until midnight & still getting up at 5:30 am. (My apple watch is very disappointed in me… Not angry, of course. Just disappointed.)

A photo of Uncle Fester from Addams Family with dark circles under his eyes. The text above reads:

Co-worker: How long did you sleep for?
Me: 8
Co-worker: hours?
Me: [no answer with the implication that the below photo of Uncle Fester looking wide-eyed and with dark circles is the answer]

Things should be better now. (lol – let me tell you about how I wrote 10K words yesterday to finish up a novella that comes out next week) I know the triangle on which my health balances, and I’m 1/3 of the way there today, baby!

The background is pink & blue with sheep. There is an equilateral triangle with 4 smaller triangles carved out. The center triangle is a cat with a sleep mask. The top triangle is a woman walking away, the bottom left is a tower of stones in the water, and the bottom right triangle is a bowl of oatmeal.
For sleep, I need exercise, breakfast, and meditation…

Did you set goals? Do you do resolutions?

How are you taking care of yourself?

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