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So many sads!

Halloween is over for another year. 🙁

We had a lovely time – the Bean didn’t really get trick-or-treating, and since I wasn’t going to let him eat any candy anyway, we only hit two houses + the ex-nanny’s. I had a great time, but ended up donating all the candy we got back to the trick-or-treaters that came to our place. (Which was probably for the best.)

And now – it’s November. I’m 4/4 on writing days for NaNoWriMo, and am sitting at 7,060 words as of 7 AM this morning (I need to average 1,667/day to hit 50K by the end of the month, so I’m not quite as far ahead as I’d like, but I’m still ahead.)

I started painting the Bean’s new room yesterday, and it’s going to look amazing. I did the first coat of the bolder color, and will do a second coat tonight or tomorrow night. The architect does all the edge work, because he’s awesome that way.

Next weekend I’ll do the other color (a coat Sat & one Sun), and then clean, clean, clean!

We’re planning on switching the rooms about – the office space is becoming the Bean’s + guest room, and the nursery is going to be the new, extra-cozy shared office space – Thanksgiving Day, so that we can be home with the Bean for four days in a row while he adjusts to his new digs. The room is bigger than the nursery, so we can put up the guest bed (which is currently in pieces stashed all over the upstairs) AND the Bean bed at the same time until he’s potty trained and ready to move to the big bed. I anticipate that will be at least another year. (I’d be delighted if it were sooner, obviously; he’s not real interested in the potty right now, unless someone else is using it. Then he’s fascinated by the whole thing).

He’s becoming such a big boy, it’s crazy. He’s talking up a storm now, and I even get what he’s saying about half the time. He’s started issuing commands (“take this!” “car go!”) and is altogether displeased when we don’t immediately acquiesce.

I haven’t yet run this month, and that gives me a sad. Since I didn’t get ‘er done today, that means it will be Wednesday now, unless I forgo tomorrow’s writing for pre-dawn running (which isn’t happening).

The architect and I had a lovely time out Saturday night, thanks to our neighbor of awesomeness who came over & watched Alvie for the evening. We even managed to talk about things that weren’t our son from time to time!




Overall, a very satisfactory weekend.


Happy November!


Attitude of Gratitude

Today, I am grateful that I have a job. No, really. (Repeat as necessary.)

Weekend in Review

I am at a point when I pretty much just feel good if I can leave the house on the weekends. Going to work is easy – and I feel good while there. The 3-day weekends, however, are hard. So – if I can accomplish anything at all on teh weekends, I feel like I deserve a gold star.

I had a rough start. I ended up canceling both sets of plans I had Friday because I just couldn’t face leaving the house. Instead, I did…nothing? I played with the baby, and he is awesome, but keeping my plans would’ve been better.

I also decided that this is not the year to try to throw my spooktacular. I love it, and I love Halloween, but I just cannot this year, and it’s causing too much stress.

Saturday, I was ready to leave the house & go running, but due to a convergence of events, it did not happen. I did go to Target, which was horrific and infuriating. I hate (other people’s) kids.

I think that may have been my sole accomplishment for Saturday.

Sunday was about the same – although Alvie Bean & I did go for a walk to a local park and swing for a bit. I also  made grape syrup. (It was supposed to be jelly, but after a series of mishaps and near disasters/fires/etc, I decided to cut my losses, put the slightly thick, sweet stuff in pint jars and put it in the freezer.) The grapes were all from our own vines, so that was cool. I also got out to the grocery store, so that was two leavings the house and one kitchen accomplishment in one day! Yay!

This next week will be all about baby proofing. The Bean is getting super mobile and trying so hard to crawl. It will happen before we’re ready, so I want to minimize as much damage as we can.

So – weekend, not as good as it could be, but not horrible. I have some plans this week, so hopefully I’ll be able to keep them all. I have a feeling that if I don’t, the Ambitious One will come find me & drag me out regardless. Also, the meds I’m currently on have a dose increase that started Friday, so that should kick in soon, too.

Post partum depression/anxiety is kicking my ass, but I’m glad that I had my support system in place ahead of time, so that when things started to go wrong, I was already in position to take action.

I’ll leave you with an adorable picture of my son – because he’s always the best part of my weekends. Three whole days with the Bean!

So many things!


Internets! I have been so busy!

Friday, we drove down to Eugene (and strangely away from all the heat). We had a cheap (but nice) motel for the night. There was a pool. So we did this:

Alvie Bean’s first swim


He loved it, and I loved that he loved it.


Saturday was graduation – so first there was this:



And then, there was this:

My speech about my capstone project for which I won the capstone award!




Alvie Bean did not enjoy my speech, and cried through the whole thing. Also, I talked too fast and it was a pretty boring speech, but it didn’t matter, because I’d already won and it was not a speech contest.


When I got home, I was able to collect my graduation presents from the architect!

He got me a “graduate” sash that I wore all day on Sunday, as well as a diploma frame AND the most awesome gift of all:

I totally drank my champagne out of that glass…

Saturday evening, the architect & I headed to the train station to fetch my friend Brian, who also recently graduated and is soon headed off to Cambridge (UK not MA) to do his M.Phil.

Sunday was my graduation party. I have zero pictures of this.

It was great though! My mom made little sandwiches, Brian made hummus for the veg tray (and it was delicious), I made lemonade, and friends brought fruit (thanks Ambitious One and Mr. Pi!), cheese (thanks L & A!) and a very delicious cake (thanks Jen & Zach!). Also, there were a ton of babies! And I’m hoping someone will send me pictures of those babies. BABY PILE!

Sunday night was pretty mellow, and then, all too soon, it was Monday morning and time for my mother & uncle to start their trip back to South Dakota.

one last cuddle


My mom will be back for Thanksgiving, and Alvie Bean will be so much bigger by then! Grandma taught him so many things, and I’m pretty sure she’s going to teach him to drive next time. He’s growing up so fast!

And now – back to work and regular life. I am so appreciative of all the people who helped me celebrate my MS, and I love all my house guests, but Monday evening, when it was just Alvie, the architect, and me was really, really nice. Alvie is back in his own room after almost 3 weeks in ours (the heatwave started it all – his room heats up about 10 degrees hotter than ours; and his room is also our guest room) and it is so quiet in the night!

There was, however, some sad news over the weekend. My great Uncle Bob, who celebrated his 100th birthday in July, died Sunday morning. He was healthy up through Friday, so it went very quickly and I am grateful for that. Plus, 100 years! That is amazing! I’m also pleased that I got to see him in May and got to take this picture:

Uncle Bob – b. 1912
Alvie Bean – b. 2012



Monday Musings

Ummm…I totally thought I’d hit publish on this, but apparently I did not. It is no longer Monday, but I swear I wrote this yesterday morning.

I am feeling extremely alliterative lately –

The weekend was lovely. I yogaed, I swam, I was social (twice!), and I played with this adorable little man:


I had a touch of insomnia Saturday night/Sunday morning – something that hasn’t bothered me for about 6 weeks. I fact, last time I suffered from insomnia, I subsequently went into labor, had an emergency c-section, and came home with a baby. It (fortunately) didn’t end that way this time.

This week, I am *gasp* going in to the office. I am scared. I haven’t been to the office since March! I haven’t worked since early April. I haven’t looked at my email since about 4/4. I have been meaning to log in and look, but have decided that avoidance is the better policy. I am both excited and nervous about this, but since I announced that I would be there, I’m committed now. At least I get to take Alvie with me, so I have an excuse to close the door and freak out if needed (so nice to have my own office for people-avoidance purposes).

It is rainy today – which makes me happy. I felt like I was desiccating – I haven’t been rained on for ages (maybe 3+ weeks), but it does make it a little more difficult to go for my planned walk, as I’m afraid my baby will melt if I take him out in the deluge. And speaking of said baby – I hear his calls from the other room, so it’s time to run off to perform some mom duties.

Weekend update – and recipes!


I can’t believe the weekend is over already! So many things! Friday, I went back to my Hatha 2 yoga class, and lo! it was good. I’m definitely slower than I used to be an getting into poses, and I just watched everyone else do the arm balances, but overall, it was great – challenging but not TOO challenging.

After yoga, I caught up on my yogathon duties since I’d missed my meeting the night before – I’m on the planning committee again this year, and will be talking more about that once I know more. 🙂

The rest of Friday was spent writing – I am thisclose to being done with my capstone. All that’s left at this point is about 2/3 of the conclusion and some formatting! YAY!

About 8 pm Friday night, I realized I hadn’t gotten up from my desk in almost 7 hours AND that I hadn’t eaten in about 8 hours. I also realized that we were nearly out of food. I ate the last of the eggs and then waited for the architect to get home from his guys’ poker night. I would’ve loved to go to sleep, but I can’t fall asleep when he’s not home because the power of my awakeness keeps him safe when he’s driving. This probably does not bode well for having a teenage son who might want to stay out past 10 pm.

Saturday, I was back to yoga – this time the prenatal class. It seemed WAAAY harder than the Hatha 2 class. After I got home, the architect & I took loads of stuff to Goodwill. I feel so much lighter! Then, we met with a new doula candidate – and I think she’s the one! (The one now equals the one much less likely to QUIT on me.) Then – a walk. It was such a pretty day! I’m not sure when I turned into an elderly invalid, but that 1.5 mile walk was too much; I could barely move the rest of the day. I guess it’s swimming & yoga for me from here on out.

Sunday was groceries, writing, and a little project. I love coffee (this is well-documented, I believe), and I love flavored coffee creamers. However, I do hate the creepy ingredients in most flavored creamers. I usually deal with this by ignoring the ingredients lists. But no more! Yesterday I made my own coffee creamers – vanilla & hazelnut.

I looked at a lot of different recipes, and then ended up going with a mixture.

French Vanilla Creamer

1 cup half-and-half

1 cup heavy cream

2 TB maple syrup

1 vanilla bean

Scrape the seeds and whisk with the rest of the ingredients. Heat up to a gentle simmer. Turn off heat & allow to steep for 30 minutes. Strain & chill. (I skipped the straining.) Cool.

Hazelnut Creamer

1 cup half-and-half

1 cup heavy cream

4 TB hazelnut syrup

Whisk together. Heat to gentle simmer. Turn off heat & allow to steep for 30 minutes. Cool.

They smelled awesome, but as of this writing, I hadn’t tried them yet. I’ll add a note to let you know how they turned out.


Not the most ambitious of DIY projects, but the most ambitious I’ve been for awhile!


Have a good week, everyone!