Weekend in Review

I am at a point when I pretty much just feel good if I can leave the house on the weekends. Going to work is easy – and I feel good while there. The 3-day weekends, however, are hard. So – if I can accomplish anything at all on teh weekends, I feel like I deserve a gold star.

I had a rough start. I ended up canceling both sets of plans I had Friday because I just couldn’t face leaving the house. Instead, I did…nothing? I played with the baby, and he is awesome, but keeping my plans would’ve been better.

I also decided that this is not the year to try to throw my spooktacular. I love it, and I love Halloween, but I just cannot this year, and it’s causing too much stress.

Saturday, I was ready to leave the house & go running, but due to a convergence of events, it did not happen. I did go to Target, which was horrific and infuriating. I hate (other people’s) kids.

I think that may have been my sole accomplishment for Saturday.

Sunday was about the same – although Alvie Bean & I did go for a walk to a local park and swing for a bit. I also  made grape syrup. (It was supposed to be jelly, but after a series of mishaps and near disasters/fires/etc, I decided to cut my losses, put the slightly thick, sweet stuff in pint jars and put it in the freezer.) The grapes were all from our own vines, so that was cool. I also got out to the grocery store, so that was two leavings the house and one kitchen accomplishment in one day! Yay!

This next week will be all about baby proofing. The Bean is getting super mobile and trying so hard to crawl. It will happen before we’re ready, so I want to minimize as much damage as we can.

So – weekend, not as good as it could be, but not horrible. I have some plans this week, so hopefully I’ll be able to keep them all. I have a feeling that if I don’t, the Ambitious One will come find me & drag me out regardless. Also, the meds I’m currently on have a dose increase that started Friday, so that should kick in soon, too.

Post partum depression/anxiety is kicking my ass, but I’m glad that I had my support system in place ahead of time, so that when things started to go wrong, I was already in position to take action.

I’ll leave you with an adorable picture of my son – because he’s always the best part of my weekends. Three whole days with the Bean!

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