Cake or Death – Cake 3
Cake or Death – Cake 3

Cake or Death – Cake 3

Check out the first couple cakes to see my first attempts and check out the improvements!

Cake 1: Key Lime Cake

Cake 2: Fourth of July Cake

And now, here we are – Cake 3; Chocolate Cake with Grand Marnier Buttercream Frosting

This was a birthday cake request, and I’d made the cake before, so I felt pretty good about the cake part turning out alright. I wanted to do a slightly different, more fun frosting.

All the best cakes I’ve ever made have come from Rose Levy Beranbaum’s Cake Bible, and this was no exception.

I used her “Perfect All-American Chocolate Butter Cake” and Mousseline Buttercream with Grand Marnier. I’d also purchased a rotating cake stand, to make it easier to frost the cakes and keep them pretty.


This was definitely the most attractive cake I’ve made so far, and the cake itself was delicious. The chocolate cake was rich and moist, and the frosting was fantastic.

I didn’t quite get the cake layers level, but it was still one of the more attractive cakes I’d ever made. I didn’t do anything fancy for this one, but am starting to get the hang of the basics.

For the next cake, I get Ambitious!



  1. Karen

    Nice looking cake! Have you ever used Wilton Bake Even Cake Strips? Supposed to make you layers flatter without the raised middle. I am thinking about getting some….

  2. Cindy

    Oh hellz yes. Looks moist too- not sure one can tell from a photo but I think so! I could eat half of that with a nice big cup of tea. Or a margarita.

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