So many things!


Internets! I have been so busy!

Friday, we drove down to Eugene (and strangely away from all the heat). We had a cheap (but nice) motel for the night. There was a pool. So we did this:

Alvie Bean’s first swim


He loved it, and I loved that he loved it.


Saturday was graduation – so first there was this:



And then, there was this:

My speech about my capstone project for which I won the capstone award!




Alvie Bean did not enjoy my speech, and cried through the whole thing. Also, I talked too fast and it was a pretty boring speech, but it didn’t matter, because I’d already won and it was not a speech contest.


When I got home, I was able to collect my graduation presents from the architect!

He got me a “graduate” sash that I wore all day on Sunday, as well as a diploma frame AND the most awesome gift of all:

I totally drank my champagne out of that glass…

Saturday evening, the architect & I headed to the train station to fetch my friend Brian, who also recently graduated and is soon headed off to Cambridge (UK not MA) to do his M.Phil.

Sunday was my graduation party. I have zero pictures of this.

It was great though! My mom made little sandwiches, Brian made hummus for the veg tray (and it was delicious), I made lemonade, and friends brought fruit (thanks Ambitious One and Mr. Pi!), cheese (thanks L & A!) and a very delicious cake (thanks Jen & Zach!). Also, there were a ton of babies! And I’m hoping someone will send me pictures of those babies. BABY PILE!

Sunday night was pretty mellow, and then, all too soon, it was Monday morning and time for my mother & uncle to start their trip back to South Dakota.

one last cuddle


My mom will be back for Thanksgiving, and Alvie Bean will be so much bigger by then! Grandma taught him so many things, and I’m pretty sure she’s going to teach him to drive next time. He’s growing up so fast!

And now – back to work and regular life. I am so appreciative of all the people who helped me celebrate my MS, and I love all my house guests, but Monday evening, when it was just Alvie, the architect, and me was really, really nice. Alvie is back in his own room after almost 3 weeks in ours (the heatwave started it all – his room heats up about 10 degrees hotter than ours; and his room is also our guest room) and it is so quiet in the night!

There was, however, some sad news over the weekend. My great Uncle Bob, who celebrated his 100th birthday in July, died Sunday morning. He was healthy up through Friday, so it went very quickly and I am grateful for that. Plus, 100 years! That is amazing! I’m also pleased that I got to see him in May and got to take this picture:

Uncle Bob – b. 1912
Alvie Bean – b. 2012



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