Thirteen Things Thursday

1. I had 40 oz of espresso drinks this morning. Hee hee hee hee.

2. I am writing a speech, it has to be 8-10 minutes, it has numerous sources that need to be cited, and it has to be done tonight so I can practice it tomorrow. I’m about half done, but I’ve definitely improved my solitaire skills.

3. It is HOT! Like the surface of the sun! I hate the hot and cannot wait for autumn. Autumn is nice – there is so much less sweating. (The rest of the country to the Pacific NW: STFU.)

4. Alvie Bean woke up before 4:30 this morning! That is too early for a 50 minute breakfast. I had trouble not dozing off during his breakfast, and then, when I went back to bed, I dreamed that I fell asleep while feeding him and that I dropped him on his head.

5. Tomorrow, the architect, Alvie Bean, my mom & her brother (aka my uncle) are going to Eugene for the night. Pretty exciting stuff, right? We are staying in a creepy little (read: cheap) motel, but it does have A/C and a pool. Yesterday, Alvie Bean obtained a tiny swim diaper and some dino board shorts. Adorableness will commence. There will be pictures.

6. I am working on a presentation at work and I have to have a draft done by the end of today. So am I working on it right now? No I am not. But at least I am not playing solitaire.

7. I used to be a one cup o’ coffee person, but the last month has changed that. I think it must be the limited amounts of sleep + going back to work. Perhaps I need some 5 hour energy! Or an iced Americano. Yum.

8. When the architect & I were compiling a grocery list before my mom arrived, we accidentally got all the ingredients needed for her to make cookies. And then she did! She put them in my T.A.R.D.I.S. cookie jar, and she seems a little disappointed that they are still there and not off in another dimension or something. I’m just disappointed that it still isn’t bigger on the inside.

9. Saturday my friend Brian arrives in Portland. Yay! He is going to hang out for my graduation party! And then, in a month or so, he is running off to Merrie Olde England to become fancy and British-ified at Cambridge.

10. Last night, the architect mentioned he might run ’round to Lowes and pick up a window A/C. If there is one in my bedroom when I get home, what is the proper reward?

11. I know this is going to come as a shock, but my son is almost terminally adorable. Which has to be some kind of evolutionary defense mechanism, because otherwise he’d be in trouble for that 4:15 wake-up call and subsequent 50 minute meal.

12. Tomorrow, there will be a post about cake! I have made 5 cakes since my CAKE or DEATH challenge was issued, even though technically, I should only be up to three. I did four in July, which might make up for the lack of August cake.

13. Are lattes (yes, plural) and cookies an appropriate breakfast? Would it be weird to nap under my desk when the sugar & caffeine wear off? Why are there so many questions? And so many songs about rainbows?

gratuitous happy baby pic

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