So many sads!

Halloween is over for another year. 🙁

We had a lovely time – the Bean didn’t really get trick-or-treating, and since I wasn’t going to let him eat any candy anyway, we only hit two houses + the ex-nanny’s. I had a great time, but ended up donating all the candy we got back to the trick-or-treaters that came to our place. (Which was probably for the best.)

And now – it’s November. I’m 4/4 on writing days for NaNoWriMo, and am sitting at 7,060 words as of 7 AM this morning (I need to average 1,667/day to hit 50K by the end of the month, so I’m not quite as far ahead as I’d like, but I’m still ahead.)

I started painting the Bean’s new room yesterday, and it’s going to look amazing. I did the first coat of the bolder color, and will do a second coat tonight or tomorrow night. The architect does all the edge work, because he’s awesome that way.

Next weekend I’ll do the other color (a coat Sat & one Sun), and then clean, clean, clean!

We’re planning on switching the rooms about – the office space is becoming the Bean’s + guest room, and the nursery is going to be the new, extra-cozy shared office space – Thanksgiving Day, so that we can be home with the Bean for four days in a row while he adjusts to his new digs. The room is bigger than the nursery, so we can put up the guest bed (which is currently in pieces stashed all over the upstairs) AND the Bean bed at the same time until he’s potty trained and ready to move to the big bed. I anticipate that will be at least another year. (I’d be delighted if it were sooner, obviously; he’s not real interested in the potty right now, unless someone else is using it. Then he’s fascinated by the whole thing).

He’s becoming such a big boy, it’s crazy. He’s talking up a storm now, and I even get what he’s saying about half the time. He’s started issuing commands (“take this!” “car go!”) and is altogether displeased when we don’t immediately acquiesce.

I haven’t yet run this month, and that gives me a sad. Since I didn’t get ‘er done today, that means it will be Wednesday now, unless I forgo tomorrow’s writing for pre-dawn running (which isn’t happening).

The architect and I had a lovely time out Saturday night, thanks to our neighbor of awesomeness who came over & watched Alvie for the evening. We even managed to talk about things that weren’t our son from time to time!




Overall, a very satisfactory weekend.


Happy November!


Attitude of Gratitude

Today, I am grateful that I have a job. No, really. (Repeat as necessary.)

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