Happy November! (Goals & Stuff)

Alas! My favorite month is over. However, November is still pretty cool, right? It’s still autumn here in the PNW, and this month is Thanksgiving. Yay pie!

So – how did October shake out?

October 2013 Goals

  1. Lights off at 10 PM on work nights. – ehhh…half SUCCESS! I did pretty good most nights; definitely better than I had been doing.
  2. Lights (figuratively) on at 5 AM on week days. – big ol’ FAIL! However, I did start getting up by 6 every morning this last week, and I readjusted my workout schedule to make sure I was still getting in my workouts (except for when I was home with a sick baby and when I was sick myself, so you know, I did great for about half the month.)
  3. Finish the mini-project I’ve been working on and send it off.  – SUCCESS! And with any luck, I’ll know how that turns out in a couple of months.
  4. Have a delightful time in Seattle! Yay! – SUCCESS! Except that I stayed up too late and then was dead for a week after recovering. I am old, yo.
  5. Go to all of my tennis lessons and have fun. – 75% SUCCESS! I missed my last lesson because the traffpocalypse happened and I didn’t get home in time. 🙁 However, I’m signed up for November lessons! Yay!
  6. Get the financial transfer from Bank A to Bank B 100% done and all auto-pays updated. (Ooooh….fun!) – SUCCESS! The old account is even all closed out now, and everything is running smoothly.
  7. Get my new employee up-to-speed and settled in – ehhh…SUCCESS for what it is. He just started Monday, so we haven’t had tons o’ time for up-to-speedness and settling. We’ll get there, though.
  8. Finish the Bean’s Halloween Costume – SUCCESS! My tiny doctor was awesome.
  9. Figure out an awesome way to celebrate my anniversary. – SUCCESS! The architect and I are headed out for dinner & drinks tomorrow night because my awesomesauce neighbor is coming over to be on Bean watch for a few hours. Yay!
  10. Surpass the total number of hours worked out in 2010 (2012 was surpassed in June & 2011 was surpassed in September; I only need 24.24 hours of exercise to beat 2010!) – FAIL! Due to sick Beans and sick Gazelles, I missed this goal. I’ll definitely get there in November, though! I’m super close.


November 2013 Goals

  1. Surpass the total number of hours worked out in 2010.
  2. Hit the most miles run since July 2011 (i.e. pre-pregnancy)
  3. Win NaNoWriMo
  4. Get the room switch done (the Bean is moving to the bigger room, so I’m painting, cleaning carpets, and moving furniture this month)
  5. Catch up with my red-letter work task list
  6. Hit my pre-pregnancy weight (1.5 lbs to go)
  7. PT exercises 5x/week
  8. Find a tennis partner
  9. Start a regular yoga practice again
  10. Locate a regular baby-sitter (since mine ran off to go to college. lame)
  11. Spend 5 minutes/day being grateful


Today – I am grateful that I am comfortably wearing pre-pregnancy jeans AND a pre-pregnancy belt-size.

Every day, I am grateful for this:

Just walking down the stairs. Like a boss.

Just walking down the stairs. Like a boss.


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