Monday Musings

Ummm…I totally thought I’d hit publish on this, but apparently I did not. It is no longer Monday, but I swear I wrote this yesterday morning.

I am feeling extremely alliterative lately –

The weekend was lovely. I yogaed, I swam, I was social (twice!), and I played with this adorable little man:


I had a touch of insomnia Saturday night/Sunday morning – something that hasn’t bothered me for about 6 weeks. I fact, last time I suffered from insomnia, I subsequently went into labor, had an emergency c-section, and came home with a baby. It (fortunately) didn’t end that way this time.

This week, I am *gasp* going in to the office. I am scared. I haven’t been to the office since March! I haven’t worked since early April. I haven’t looked at my email since about 4/4. I have been meaning to log in and look, but have decided that avoidance is the better policy. I am both excited and nervous about this, but since I announced that I would be there, I’m committed now. At least I get to take Alvie with me, so I have an excuse to close the door and freak out if needed (so nice to have my own office for people-avoidance purposes).

It is rainy today – which makes me happy. I felt like I was desiccating – I haven’t been rained on for ages (maybe 3+ weeks), but it does make it a little more difficult to go for my planned walk, as I’m afraid my baby will melt if I take him out in the deluge. And speaking of said baby – I hear his calls from the other room, so it’s time to run off to perform some mom duties.

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