Fitness Friday

This week, I finally started feeling (mostly) like myself again. I was, however, also reminded that I still need to take it slow, because that feeling is a LIE! (Or at least a bit misleading.)

BUT – let’s see how I did with this week’s goals:

Training Goals – 5/11/12 – 5/17/12

Friday: Walk 1 mile – SUCCESS! I actually walked 1.5 miles

Saturday: Rest/enjoy parade/walk downtown – FAIL! I did not rest. I did enjoy most of the parade & also did an hour of yard work/landscaping.

Sunday: Walk 1 mile – SUCCESS! Kind of. I walked 3/4 of a mile after doing a good 2 hours of gardening. That was much harder than I remember (the gardening, not the walking). The entire garden, except for tomatoes & peppers, is now in. And wow, I was sore the next day!

Monday: Rest – FAIL! No resting for me! I walked 1.8ish miles with the architect in the evening.

Tuesday: Walk 1.5 miles – SUCCESS! I walked only a mile, but after the day before, I think that’s okay. I also did 30 minutes of unscheduled yoga, so that definitely ups the count.

Wednesday: Rest – SUCCESS! I rested! Go me!

Thursday: Walk 1.5 miles – FAIL!  I did not walk yesterday. BOO!

Total goal mileage: 5 miles

Total actual mileage: 5.08 miles

Total goal other activities: 0

Total actual other: 3.5 hours (yard work & yoga)

Overall – SUCCESS! Yay!

Now for the next week:

Training Goals – 5/18/12 – 5/24/12

Friday: Walk 1 mile +

Saturday: Yoga – FOR REALS – at a studio and everything!

Sunday: Swimming – I would love to do 1000 yds minimum, but will listen to my body & see what happens.

Monday: Walk 1 mile

Tuesday: Walk 2 miles

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Walk 2 miles

Total goal mileage: 6 miles

Total goal other: 2 hours

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