Fitness Friday

This week, I finally started feeling (mostly) like myself again. I was, however, also reminded that I still need to take it slow, because that feeling is a LIE! (Or at least a bit misleading.)

BUT – let’s see how I did with this week’s goals:

Training Goals – 5/11/12 – 5/17/12

Friday: Walk 1 mile – SUCCESS! I actually walked 1.5 miles

Saturday: Rest/enjoy parade/walk downtown – FAIL! I did not rest. I did enjoy most of the parade & also did an hour of yard work/landscaping.

Sunday: Walk 1 mile – SUCCESS! Kind of. I walked 3/4 of a mile after doing a good 2 hours of gardening. That was much harder than I remember (the gardening, not the walking). The entire garden, except for tomatoes & peppers, is now in. And wow, I was sore the next day!

Monday: Rest – FAIL! No resting for me! I walked 1.8ish miles with the architect in the evening.

Tuesday: Walk 1.5 miles – SUCCESS! I walked only a mile, but after the day before, I think that’s okay. I also did 30 minutes of unscheduled yoga, so that definitely ups the count.

Wednesday: Rest – SUCCESS! I rested! Go me!

Thursday: Walk 1.5 miles – FAIL!  I did not walk yesterday. BOO!

Total goal mileage: 5 miles

Total actual mileage: 5.08 miles

Total goal other activities: 0

Total actual other: 3.5 hours (yard work & yoga)

Overall – SUCCESS! Yay!

Now for the next week:

Training Goals – 5/18/12 – 5/24/12

Friday: Walk 1 mile +

Saturday: Yoga – FOR REALS – at a studio and everything!

Sunday: Swimming – I would love to do 1000 yds minimum, but will listen to my body & see what happens.

Monday: Walk 1 mile

Tuesday: Walk 2 miles

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Walk 2 miles

Total goal mileage: 6 miles

Total goal other: 2 hours

4 responses to “Fitness Friday

  1. I meant to ask you, Cissell dear, are you using a pedometer on your walks? Or some other means of tracking the distance?

    Also what parade was this?

  2. hooray!! slow and steady, and all!! sooo lovely to get back to it, right?

  3. I’m am almost 6 months PP and am losing hair by the handful. I just chopped off 9 inches today because it was getting disgusting and driving me mad. You know that feeling when you have a loose strand on your arm and you can’t find it? That was me all the time with like, 5 million strands. The shower, tub, sink, bathroom floor, carpet, husband and baby were all covered in my hair.

    Anyway, CUTE BABY. I want to nom on his cheeks and toes.

  4. Just realized I replied to the wrong post. DERP.