Three (3!) Things Thursday
Three (3!) Things Thursday

Three (3!) Things Thursday

1. Sorry I missed the baby update yesterday, but I was busy doing important baby related stuff. (It is too baby-related – Alvie Bean needs to know about such things…you wouldn’t want me to neglect his education, would you?)

Mommy's Little Gamer

2. Question for those in the know – when will this extra hair out? Please tell me it’s soon. I am resigned to the fact that my extra boobs are here to stay for the duration of nursing, but really would like to move on from the extra hair. It’s driving me insane. I feel like Cousin Itt.

Cousin Itt


3. I am so ready to start exercising for real! I have been walking, and that’s been okay, but I need more! I yoga’d a bit this week. And, by a bit, I mean I pull out my prenatal yoga video and did 30 minutes (before the baby was hungry). It went pretty well. I’ve lost some flexibility – I couldn’t grab my foot to even start getting into Natarajasana – which is weird (I was still doing Urdhva Dhanurasana at 30 weeks, so it’s frustrating that I’ve lost so much flexibility). I noticed a little soreness in my…girly-parts area in some poses – most notably extended side angle (which is weird, since triangle felt just fine – and yes, I noticed that I switched from Sanskrit – bite me). ANYWAYS – yoga = good, and I can’t wait to get back to where I was. I practiced yoga up to 38 weeks (and only missed the last couple of weeks due to conflict, not due to inability), and am ready to get back to that AND to swimming. (And boy, I wish I had a picture of me doing upward bow (i.e. urdhva dhanurasana) at the beach house at New Year’s. I bet that was awesome (and by awesome, I mean hilarious). Since I don’t, you’ll have to be content with a picture of Alvie going for a walk.

Going for a walk


  1. The extra hair will fall out an an alarming rate, starting soon enough. I thnk maybe our kids were about 3 or 4 months old when Kelley started complaining about it? Go ahead and shave. Once LJ figures out that he can grab onto it, most new moms go ahead and cut it very short anyway.

    and you’ll get your yoga back. it always comes back. and it’s always good. <3

  2. I’m rather amused by the image of you as Cousin Itt, Cissell. I’m even more amused by the image of you as Sinead O’Connor at my commencement. Which reminds me, what day do arrive?

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