Today is International Fluevog Day. This is a very important holiday that should result in a day off work. Shoes are serious business.

To celebrate, I am using my saved up shoe funds to buy a pair of Fluevogs. I have long longed for a pair, but was never quite ready for the investment. However, I haven’t purchased a pair of shoes for about a year, when I got a couple post-foot surgery shoes. I certainly haven’t gotten any since I was pregnant. I have, however, been socking away a bit of money every time I deliberately did not hit “submit” on a shoe order, and now I have enough money saved up to buy a beautiful pair of shoes. AND, since today there is free shipping (and 15% off all in-store orders), today is the day that I will finally become a Fluevog owner.

There are a couple of pairs that I contemplated:

Daily Miracles Fortune

Miracles Hollie

Now I just need to make a decision…some choices are so hard! (The “buy both” is not a economically feasible choice, unfortunately.)


No go forth & buy shoes! (Size 6.5 american for all non-athletic shoes, in case you’re wondering.)


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