Fitness Friday
Fitness Friday

Fitness Friday

Back in the old days (pre-pregnancy & pre-foot surgery), I did training goals every week & then reported on them to keep myself on track.

As I am now slowly (really, really slowly) easing back into an exercise routine, I am going to do that again. This will serve partially as a motivator to myself (if I put it out there, I’m much more likely to follow through) as well as a invitation for anyone to tell me that I’m getting crazy if it appears that I have forgotten my slow & sensible plans.

I tend to be an all or nothing person – and get a leetle carried away at times with the ambition. Also, since I have never trained and been a mom at the same time, I do welcome some advice in balancing everything! Also, sports bra advice would be welcome. I’m not actually sure there are sports bras big enough anymore – there are some truly terrifying things happening under my shirt. (Well, terrifying to me – the guys I live with don’t seem frightened.)

So – training goals will run Friday – Thursday. I don’t work on Fridays, so it’s a good start to  my training week, I think.

Training Goals – 5/11/12 – 5/17/12

Friday: Walk 1 mile

Saturday: Rest/enjoy parade/walk downtown

Sunday: Walk 1 mile

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: Walk 1.5 miles

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Walk 1.5 miles

That seems reasonable, right? Total mileage for the week: 5 miles

Next week, I will add in swimming & yoga! Yay! And soon, I will start couch-to-5King, and Alvie & I will be using the Bob stroller (that’s when you’ll know we’re hard core).



    1. rosé is not actually part of the training plan. Just a bonus. 🙂

      And the parade is the annual St. Johns (my ‘hood) parade & bizarre- it’s the 50th anniversary this year, and I expect it will be extra bizarre this year. It goes right by the house, and is both odd and fun.

  1. What works for me, as far as training plus mom, is looking at my week as a whole instead of specific days. If I miss something, I shuffle my “rest” days around to try to accommodate it. It doesn’t always work, but usually, I can get my week’s worth of workouts in even if they aren’t on the day I originally intended.

    You are doing GREAT! And if your son is like my kids were, stroller = instant nap 🙂

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