(No Longer a) Bumpday!
(No Longer a) Bumpday!

(No Longer a) Bumpday!

Alvie Bean is now 6 weeks old. He is miles & miles ahead of the curve developmentally. (I made that up – I have no idea.)

He does weight 12.4 lbs, which puts him firmly in the 75th percentile for weight. Plus, it puts him him right in the A+ category for cuteness and chub rolls:


He can hold up his head a bit during tummy time, and is making tiny fists the correct way, so when he punches himself in the face (as he did yesterday) at least he won’t break his thumb. I offer him motivational tools to lift his head and that usually works. As per early childhood development expert Marcy, PhD: “newborns are known to respond to tangible rewards and grades.” There you have it folks – direct quote! (No sarcasm tags needed, I’m sure.)


He still eats like a champ – which is awesome. I started pumping last week, so the architect gets to do a feeding every day (the midnight-ish feeding, actually, which makes life better for me!). The architect really enjoys getting to feed the baby once a day, and was almost sad that Monday night, Alvie Bean slept through his midnight feeding, and, in fact went 6 hours between feedings! Then last night – 6.5 hours! Yay baby!

I know that the minute I write this, I’m tempting fate, but he’s been a good sleeper from the beginning. Sure, we get up every few hours to eat in the night, but it’s just been for a quick diaper change & boob nom, and he’s back to sleep.  And lately, with the exception of Monday night – goes 4 hours, then 3, then 2…I am more well-rested n ow that I was during the last couple of months of pregnancy. My sleep is better quality, I’m not waking as frequently, and when I roll over, it doesn’t hurt. I hope that I didn’t just jinx everything!


He loves his daddy and gets so excited when he gets home every night. He’s started gracing us with this great big open-mouthed smiles that are impossible to catch on camera.

Darwin loves the baby. He follows us around, and often tries to share my lap when I’m breastfeeding, so he can groom the baby while he eats.


My Recovery

My weight loss has slowed down to ~2 lbs/week. I am more active now, though, so I hope that rate keeps up. I am still not back into my pre-pregnancy jeans, but the few maternity-ish things I have are too big, so I’m in a weird in-between place. I may have to buy a pair of jeans to tide me over, but am afraid that the size will make me cry. I need to be back into my pre-pregnancy sizes by fall. I can get away with wearing skirts to work all summer, but once it gets chilly, I want to wear my extensive work wardrobe with no new purchases!

Five weeks post partum really marked the beginning of feeling good again. I am trying to be slow & steady with the exercise. I still have once spot in my abdomen that gets sore when I go too hard/too fast. I think that’s where the inside incision is just a little slower to heal. Also, the pelvic/groin pain that was plaguing me during the 3rd trimester is still a bit twingy (better than ridiculously painful, though), so I’m trying to be careful with that, too.


Overall – life is good. But how could it not be when you have one of these to gaze at every day:



  1. wow, 75th percentile in weight is fantastic. Both of mine were at the -3% for weight until they hit 2 years old. We couldn’t stuff enough food in there! it was just absurd, and will likely lead to an eating disorder on down the road.

    I bet you never thought 6 hours of continuous sleep would feel so good, huh? Those first 6 weeks are so tough, but I promise it only gets better from here.

  2. Look at that sweet little face!! Great news about the sleeping! Alvie is a superhero baby sleeper. It’s great that dad is able to feed him now too. I always felt that was a special time (the feedings) and it’s sad to think that some fathers miss out on that.

    You have such a great attitude about the working out/weight stuff. I’ve heard that some women [who are bfing] hold onto a few lbs of the baby weight until they get down to a couple of feedings a day….either way – your really not in your exercise zone yet so you still have so much time! We’ll have a long great summer for you to burn up all those calories.

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