Three (3!) Things Thursday

1. Yesterday I went into the office for a bit. I had 460 unread emails since April 4 (4/3 being the last day I checked email, apparently). I got through all 460 emails, and only marked about 50 as “need to follow up.” Alvie, however, was not impressed with office life & thought it got pretty boring at the end.

2. Yesterday I also walked 2.3 miles – my furthest walk since December! My feet are super blistery today. No idea what happened there. Apparently in the last five months, I turned into a delicate little flower with delicate little feet. Today it hurts to walk. BOOO! I am skipping today’s planned 3 miler and swimming instead.

I am back in a real swimsuit, but I wish I could swim with a sign that says "I had a baby 6 weeks ago - not really this chubby!"


3. Speaking of things fitting: Today I put on AND buttoned the jeans I wore during my first trimester when I didn’t gain any weight but felt a little thicker around the middle. They were super uncomfortable AND extremely unattractive, and I couldn’t sit, or bend over, or breathe  – but they went on AND buttoned, so that is awesome!

I looked better at 9 weeks pregnant then 6 weeks post-partum...guess that's par for the course.

3.5 My corns are popping up, which means it’s almost time for the return of the corn chronicles, and it’s the perfect time to get your requests in to have a corn named after you. Obviously, there will be (as per usual) James corn, who we will all root on tirelessly this year to be the biggest and best corn – but no other corns have been named, so let me know if you want naming rights!

James Corn circa 2010

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