Fitness Friday

This week was not quite as successful as I’d anticipated, but I’m still feeling good about things!

Training Goals – 5/18/12 – 5/24/12

Friday: Walk 1 mile + – 70% SUCCESS! I walked .7 miles. I took the BOB out for the first time and hit a couple hills. The stroller along with my giant baby is heavy!

Saturday: Yoga – FOR REALS – at a studio and everything! – SUCCESS! I won’t do that class again – too basic – but it was a big confidence booster.

Sunday: Swimming – I would love to do 1000 yds minimum, but will listen to my body & see what happens. – SUCCESS! I even hit my 1000 yds! I can’t find my watch, so no idea how long it took, but I recorded 30 minutes.

Monday: Walk 1 mile – FAIL! I was a little sore, so took the day off.

Tuesday: Walk 2 miles – FAIL! I was a little lazy, so took the day off.

Wednesday: Rest – FAIL! I was desperate to make up mileage, so walked 2.3 miles. I got some heinous blisters, so slowed waaay down at the end in an effort  to not alter my gait to accommodate the blisters.

Thursday: Walk 2 miles – FAIL! I hurt all over, so took the day off in my continuing efforts to not get crazy.

Total goal mileage: 6 miles- FAIL! I did only 3. 🙁

Total goal other: 2 hours- FAIL! I did only 1.5 hrs of ‘other’. 

But – enough about last week…let’s look forward:

Training Goals – 5/25/12 – 5/31/12

Friday: Walk 1 mile +

Saturday: Swim 1200 yds

Sunday: Yoga

Monday: Walk/hike – forest park (2 miles)

Tuesday: Walk 2 miles

Wednesday: Swim 1200 yds

Thursday: Rest

Total goal mileage: 5 miles

Total goal other: 2 hours

Next Friday starts running! yay!


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