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Getting My Move Back

Hello interwebs!

We are almost 1 full week into 2013, and so far it’s been great.

Great New Year’s celebration.

Eh work week last week. BUT – not too bad. Except for the first day when I was there until 7:30.

Great commitment to my healthy eating plan (mostly). Fantastic job with the walking to and from my car to work (1 mile round trip).

AND – I finished my first official race since early June 2011 and my first running race since April 2011.

My friend Sarah & I signed up for the ORCC 10K Series. Saturday morning was the first of seven 10Ks in the series. I am planning on doing 6 out of the 7 (as I think I’ll be in Atlanta for the 4th race). In addition to Sarah & I, our friend Jen came out to do the race, too! (She also brought along official race photographer Zach and adorable cheerleader Penny.)

I knew going into this race that it was going to be slow. I anticipated a personal worst time. I haven’t been running (in fact, it was my first run since my 10 mile run on 12/9/12). Also, I may have stepped on some very sharp ice on the 29th of December, slicing up my foot a bit. SO MANY EXCUSES! BUT – I was determined. I will do this race, and I will finish it, and I will not die!

All goals were accomplished. For the first time in, well, ever, I was running electronic free. (I told Sarah I was running naked, which led to a very amusing discussion about strip running & taking off an article of clothing for every mile. I could’ve finished with my sports bra & both socks & shoes. You’re welcome for that image.)

So – no idea what my splits were. I just tried to run when I felt like it and take walk breaks when I needed them. And so I did. There were 3 big hills in the last half of the race that were a bit challenging. And the fact that I am just not in 10K shape kind of sucked. The 3rd hill, right at mile six, crested at a cemetery. That was just super demotivational!

ANYWAY – when I got close to the finish line, I saw Jen, Zach & Penny, and then just as I crossed, I saw Sarah! Nice thing about being slow is having automatic cheerleaders at the end.

I finished in 1:17:59 which is my slowest official 10K ever (although a wee bit faster than my 2012 Turkey Trot 10K. Average pace was 12:34. It was actually a bit faster than I’d anticipated, so I’m okay with it.


The best part about the race, hands down, was being able to wait in the warm school before the race, and hang out there after. The next 10K isn’t until 3/2, and I’m hoping to shave 1 min/mile off my pace by then. By the end of the series, I am gunning for a PR.

What that means is that it’s time to get serious again. I can do that. I am no longer breastfeeding. I have a super supportive husband and awesomely fantastic friends. AND – I have even more motivation than that!

I just finished the Holiday Booty Buster Challenge (hosted by Amanda) and have signed up for Tina Reale’s Best Body Bootcamp. So, in addition to my regular workouts, I’ll be adding in some much-needed core & strength training. I’m also signed up for the 5 by the 5th – which is a commitment to run a 5K by the 5th of each month, January – June.  I did a 10K for my first one, but I decided that I’m following the spirit of the challenge, rather than the letter.

And, for the first time in AGES, I think I can post a weekly training plan and follow it!

January 7 – 13, 2013

Monday: swim + weights/core (BBB)
Tuesday: 2 mile run + yoga (home)
Wednesday: weights/core (BBB)
Thursday: Rest/Restorative yoga
Friday: 2 mile run + weights/core (BBB)
Saturday: Yoga (trying Core Power!)
Sunday: 3 mile run + Yoga (Core Power Sculpt)

Also, every day that it’s not pouring down rain, I’m wearing my fancy new (very, very pink) Nikes to do a 1 mile round trip walk between my car & work.

The first six months of 2013 are all about getting strong. Endurance. Arms & Legs. Core. (Especially core.) Once I’m strong again, then I will refocus on distance and speed. I think I can be much faster than I have been if I get leaner, meaner, and stronger. The last half of my 30s are going to be kick-ass.

December 2012 Goals

You guys! 2012, i.e. the year of CRAP (except the Bean) is almost over. Woo to the hoo!

Let’s review how I did in November.

November 2012 Goals

  1. Do not cancel any plans other than for legitimate reasons (i.e. sickness) – SUCCESS! There were a few close calls, but I believe I did all of the things I said I would do. Goooooooo me!
  2. Ask for help/support when needed – SUCCESS! I have the bestest friends and husband in the world. For reals, even.
  3. Up the exercise – SUCCESS! I exercised almost twice as many hours in November as I did in December. It’s still not at the level I’d like to be, but I’m getting there!
  4. Host a lovely Thanksgiving Dinner and do not stress about it. – SUCCESS! It was a lovely dinner (even if someone [mom] forgot the lefse).
  5. Continue with the Aggressive HappinessTMSUCCESS! Mostly. It could’ve been better, but overall, it was AOK (if you care deeply, just come back tomorrow for a play-by-play).

November 2012 Training Goals

  1. Half Marathon Training – hit all long runs – 75% SUCCESS! I hit all but one, but made up for it later. November is my highest running mileage month since July 2011. The mileage was not actually very high or anything, but the highest in over a year must count for something, right?
  2. Swim every week – 50% SUCCESS! I only did every other week. It’s hard to work it all in, y’all!
  3. Set up the bike trainer – FAIL! Although I did get it set up yesterday, so at least I’m getting there.
  4. Have fun – SUCCESS! I had a couple great trail runs with the Ambitious One, had a fun 10K Turkey Trot (that the Ambitious One tricked me into – she claims math issues, but I call tomfoolery). I also did a great but hilly solo 8 miler on the 25th which was hard & cold but awesome.

And now, December! Yay! One more month and then we can start anew!

December 2012 Goals

  1. Finish all holiday shopping & mailing (this is key, as last year my sister did not get her christmas present until March) by 12/14.
  2. Get holiday card photo taken, printed & mailed, also by 12/14
  3. Do not overdo it. December is busy. Busy can be bad. It’s okay to be a hermit from time to time.
  4. Empty to-do folder at work.
  5. Childproof the kitchen (the living room is done!)

December 2012 Training Goals

  1. Finish half marathon (and be okay with the likely PW)
  2. Swim every week – Mondays
  3. Bike trainer every week – Tuesdays
  4. Short run every week – Wednesdays
  5. P90X Core workout every week – Fridays
  6. Yoga every week – Saturdays
  7. Long run ever week – Sundays

And, because I know every single one of you are here for baby pictures and not my goals (right?), here is a picframe of me and the Bean enjoying the sunny weather yesterday morning.

Chub Update – 11 Weeks

My little dude turned 11 weeks old on Sunday. He also got to have his first round of vaccines on Friday. Friday – Sunday were not the best days ever. Poor little guy was miserable.

Other than that (and really, I suppose a couple days of not feeling so hot is better than whooping cough), the visit went really well. We got all the official measurements!

Height: 23.25 inches (~50th percentile)

Weight: 14 lbs 3.75 oz (~85th percentile)

Just as suspected, my little guy is a chub monster!

He still hasn’t repeated the rolling over trick he did 2 weeks ago, but gets so close a lot of the time.

He’s sleeping through the night every night now (except for Friday night, when we were up every hour until about 2 am). Since I’m going back into the office next week, our routine will be changing a bit, but we’ve got a pretty good one going now, and I’m hoping that some minor adjustments won’t be too difficult.

We usually do the last feeding around 7:30 pm, then start bedtime routine. Daddy (usually) takes him upstairs to do a last diaper change and then put on the pj’s. Then we read a story or two, have night night kisses, turn on the mobile with the lullaby music and walk away. He’ll generally squawk to himself for 10-15 minutes (seldom making any crying noises) and then falls asleep. I’d say he’s generally asleep by 8:30.

He usually wakes up by about 5 (so about 9 hours after finishing the last feeding), and does a little pre-breakfast appetizer. After that, it’s back to sleep until 8ish, when we have real breakfast.

He tends to go down for a one hour nap around 10, then eats at about 11:30, then again at about 3. After the 3 pm feeding, he takes another nap – this one about 1.5 hours.

In the awake times, we hang out on the floor. He’s pretty content to chill on his playmat, batting the animals, kicking the keyboard, and gazing at the incredibly good looking baby in the mirror.


We do a lot of tummy time, and boy! can he lift up that head…when he feels like it. (And almost never when I’m trying to take a picture of it!)

He is almost constantly moving – even in his sleep. He loves sitting up, even if he can’t do it without assistance. He hates (HATES!) being in the moby wrap or the baby carrier. Not enough freedom to be a mover and shaker, I guess.

He gets excited when he hears my voice or the architect’s voice if he hasn’t for awhile, and his smiles are just so awesome.


He seldom cries, and when he does, it’s with purpose. And it’s so great – because as soon as whatever need he has is being met (or if there are signs that it will soon be met), he calms down and grins. He hates being wet (or even slightly damp), so usually if he cries, it’s because he needs a diaper change.

He is one of the cheeriest babies ever (in my vast experience of knowing almost no other babies), and is such an easy-going little dude.


And – as for me? I have been a mostly active person this month. I just finished week 3 of the couch to 5K program, and am feeling a lot more confident that running will happen for me again. The first couple run/walks, I was sure I’d never run a continuous mile again. And, although I can’t say that I have run one yet, I know that I will! And soon, I think.

My weight loss has slowed…a lot! I have lost only about 60% of the weight I gained during my pregnancy, and am only 42% of the way to my ultimate goal. Blah blah it took 9 months to put on, blah. (Actually, I didn’t gain any weight until I was about 22 weeks pregnant, so it really only took about 4.5 months to put on, so by September, I better be below my pre-pregnancy weight, or else! (Or else what? I don’t know. I guess I could punish myself by having to buy bigger pants.)

I am definitely getting my fitness back, though. P90X is hardcore, y’all! And the core/abs stuff is intense for someone recovering from not only pregnancy, but a c-section. After doing the ab ripper DVD the other day, I was so sore at the incision site. Not bad sore, just “holy crap, those muscles ache” sore. It took me a minute to realize that was probably because they’d been cut through! I am trying to ease back into the abs slowly, so am not pushing too hard with the ab work.

I’m hoping all these good workout habits continue once I’m back at work and need to make time for exercise instead of just doing it when Alvie is napping.

I totally carried Alvie for our whole run! I am super hardcore. (Or, the BOB was already back in the car, whatever.)

Anyways – I love my little dude, and this has been so much more fun/easier/harder/more awesome than I could’ve imagined. Next week when I go back to the office full-time, it will be hard, but having this little face to come home to every day will be so freaking awesome.



Monday Musings

Yesterday was a hard day for our little dude. He didn’t sleep much all day, and was pretty cranky. He finally passed out about 7:45 pm and then slept for almost 7.5 hours. He seems MUCH cheerier (if extremely hungry) today.

Due to said crankiness, we ended up canceling hanging out plans, which was sad. However, I love that the architect was all, “hey! I’ll watch the crankasaurus rex – you go for a bike ride.”

And so I did! First bike ride this year (I had to give it up in late December due to my ginormous belly getting in the way of peddling), and first outdoor bike ride since August!  I only went about 6 miles, but they were six GOOD miles. I’ve definitely lost my seat, though…how long does it take to get used to sitting on the bike again? Because ow!

Also, yesterday, I did C25K Day 2 – and on the trails! And, for the first time in ages, I did not fall down while on Wildwood! Go (non-pregnant) me!

Other things that happened over the weekend – Jen’s baby shower! Of which I took zero pics. Dammit.  It was super fun, though!


The architect and I took it pretty easy yesterday (well, except for my run and bike and his 42 mile bike ride), hanging with our crankopotamus, hanging up shelves in his room, and watching eleventy hours of Mythbusters.


This is going to be another busy week. Lots of things to do and people to see.

Happy Monday!

The Twelve Days of Gazelle-mas: Day 8 (2011 In review)

First of all, I need to mention that I fell asleep about 11:30 pm last night and then: I slept until almost 7 AM! I woke once & briefly about 5, but did not need to get up. I’m sure those of you who aren’t/have never been pregnant (or closely associated with a pregnant person) are not sure why that’s news-worthy, so let me enlighten you.  This is probably the 3rd or 4th time since late July that I haven’t had to get up to pee at least once. I don’t know if you remember me bitching about remodeling our bathroom in August – the month of no running water in our upstairs (read: bedroom adjacent) bathroom. I know you didn’t know I was pregnant, but I was, and holy balls, that sucked the big one.

ANYWAYS – looking back! Such an interesting year. A lot of surprises – mostly  good ones.  How did I do with my 2011 goals, you (probably don’t) ask?

Well – let’s just look at that, shall we?


  1. Run a half marathon by the end of June. – FAIL! In fact, I didn’t run a half marathon all year. I only had one run over 13 miles, even. Boo!  However, it took a LOT longer to recover from my foot surgery, and just as I was getting into the swing of things, I got myself all knocked up.
  2. Read 52 non-paranormal romance books, including at least 12 from my Nobel Prize list. – FAIL! I only read about 50 books (not counting textbooks) total in 2011, and only 2 were from my Nobel prize list. There’s no way a majority were not brain candy.
  3. SIRASANA! With no wall support. – SUCCESS! Albeit, briefly. I did hit this pose a couple of times, for short periods of time. This is something I will never stop working on.
  4. Take fencing classes. – FAIL!  Due to school/work/pregnancy, this, too, was put off.
  5. Achieve contentment with my body (which may be a combination of weight loss and muscle gain) – EH??? I don’t know. Pregnancy has really thrown this off.
  6. Take a few risks that may lead to happiness. – SUCCESS! Job risks, Toast risks, getting knocked up risks….
  7. Secret Goal that I don’t want to talk about – FAIL! Job changes really got in the way of this (btw, it involved a career switch, and I did interview for a new job in January/February 2011, and was a finalist, but it was not to be….)
  8. Finalize my capstone paper topic and get ready to finish grad school! – SUCCESS! I have only 7 weeks left until I’m done with grad school! YAY!
  9. 5K PR – FAIL!  Again with the recovery from foot surgery + getting knocked up. 2013 is my new year of the runner!
  10. Successful cheddar cheese! – SUCCESS! I love cheese.
  11. Eliminate all non-mortgage & non-student loan debt. – EH….I am in much better shape now than at the beginning of the year. Of course, I’m sure that having a baby will make all my financial dreams come true, right?


Overall – even though it looks like I had an approximate 50% fail rate for goals, I am okay with the ones that are fails. I failed for good reasons (i.e. not pushing too hard during surgery recovery, getting pregnant, getting a new job that changed a few of those goals), and I am pretty happy with my 2011 overall.

I have some of the best friends a girl could ask for – both here in PDX, back in South D, and in the internets, as well as the best architect in the land. I’m having a great(ish) pregnancy, I’m almost done with school, I got a promotion at work (and no longer feel one step away from failure at work), and life is pretty damn good.  There are still changes I want to make with my life and my job and all sorts of things, but overall, I’m generally pretty content.

***First the song, and then I will reward (punish?) you with a photo recap of the year!***

On the eighth day of gazellemas, Amy gave to me:

Eight hours a-sleeping

Seven miles a-cycling

Six yogis posing


four pancakes,

three lazy cats,

two empty boxes, and

A Pooh Bear outfit, adorable and twee!


January 2011:

February 2011:

March 2011:

April 2011:


May 2011:


June 2011:


July 2011:


August 2011:

September 2011:


October 2011:


November 2011:


December 2011:



I am pretty excited to see what 2012 will bring. It certainly won’t be boring!