December 2012 Goals

You guys! 2012, i.e. the year of CRAP (except the Bean) is almost over. Woo to the hoo!

Let’s review how I did in November.

November 2012 Goals

  1. Do not cancel any plans other than for legitimate reasons (i.e. sickness) – SUCCESS! There were a few close calls, but I believe I did all of the things I said I would do. Goooooooo me!
  2. Ask for help/support when needed – SUCCESS! I have the bestest friends and husband in the world. For reals, even.
  3. Up the exercise – SUCCESS! I exercised almost twice as many hours in November as I did in December. It’s still not at the level I’d like to be, but I’m getting there!
  4. Host a lovely Thanksgiving Dinner and do not stress about it. – SUCCESS! It was a lovely dinner (even if someone [mom] forgot the lefse).
  5. Continue with the Aggressive HappinessTMSUCCESS! Mostly. It could’ve been better, but overall, it was AOK (if you care deeply, just come back tomorrow for a play-by-play).

November 2012 Training Goals

  1. Half Marathon Training – hit all long runs – 75% SUCCESS! I hit all but one, but made up for it later. November is my highest running mileage month since July 2011. The mileage was not actually very high or anything, but the highest in over a year must count for something, right?
  2. Swim every week – 50% SUCCESS! I only did every other week. It’s hard to work it all in, y’all!
  3. Set up the bike trainer – FAIL! Although I did get it set up yesterday, so at least I’m getting there.
  4. Have fun – SUCCESS! I had a couple great trail runs with the Ambitious One, had a fun 10K Turkey Trot (that the Ambitious One tricked me into – she claims math issues, but I call tomfoolery). I also did a great but hilly solo 8 miler on the 25th which was hard & cold but awesome.

And now, December! Yay! One more month and then we can start anew!

December 2012 Goals

  1. Finish all holiday shopping & mailing (this is key, as last year my sister did not get her christmas present until March) by 12/14.
  2. Get holiday card photo taken, printed & mailed, also by 12/14
  3. Do not overdo it. December is busy. Busy can be bad. It’s okay to be a hermit from time to time.
  4. Empty to-do folder at work.
  5. Childproof the kitchen (the living room is done!)

December 2012 Training Goals

  1. Finish half marathon (and be okay with the likely PW)
  2. Swim every week – Mondays
  3. Bike trainer every week – Tuesdays
  4. Short run every week – Wednesdays
  5. P90X Core workout every week – Fridays
  6. Yoga every week – Saturdays
  7. Long run ever week – Sundays

And, because I know every single one of you are here for baby pictures and not my goals (right?), here is a picframe of me and the Bean enjoying the sunny weather yesterday morning.

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