Monday Musings

Yesterday was a hard day for our little dude. He didn’t sleep much all day, and was pretty cranky. He finally passed out about 7:45 pm and then slept for almost 7.5 hours. He seems MUCH cheerier (if extremely hungry) today.

Due to said crankiness, we ended up canceling hanging out plans, which was sad. However, I love that the architect was all, “hey! I’ll watch the crankasaurus rex – you go for a bike ride.”

And so I did! First bike ride this year (I had to give it up in late December due to my ginormous belly getting in the way of peddling), and first outdoor bike ride since August!  I only went about 6 miles, but they were six GOOD miles. I’ve definitely lost my seat, though…how long does it take to get used to sitting on the bike again? Because ow!

Also, yesterday, I did C25K Day 2 – and on the trails! And, for the first time in ages, I did not fall down while on Wildwood! Go (non-pregnant) me!

Other things that happened over the weekend – Jen’s baby shower! Of which I took zero pics. Dammit.  It was super fun, though!


The architect and I took it pretty easy yesterday (well, except for my run and bike and his 42 mile bike ride), hanging with our crankopotamus, hanging up shelves in his room, and watching eleventy hours of Mythbusters.


This is going to be another busy week. Lots of things to do and people to see.

Happy Monday!

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