Shoesday! Active Edition

Next week, I will have the exciting reveal of which pair of Fluevogs I purchased (I know! You’re on the edge of your seat!), but today, I just wanted to do a brief feature of some other new shoes I’ve been sporting lately:

New Trail Shoes! Before

This is my new pair of New Balance Minimus trail shoes just before I went for my first trail run since November.

And here they are after (not too muddy right now!)

New Balance Minimus - AFTER


Can’t wait to get them even dirtier!

I’ve been spending a lot more time in these, too:

Brooks Defyance 4


I’ve been walking and running (well, couch-to-5K-ing, anyways) and starting yesterday, P90X-ing. I don’t feel quite like myself yet, but I’m getting closer! Exercise really does help with my balance, well-being, and sanity. It has been almost a year since I was consistently putting in the time (and miles!) and I can tell. There are things I can’t do that I never realized were difficult (lots of kicking in the P90X Plyometric workout…I can barely get my feet off the ground right now), but since I’ve been fit before, I know that I can get there again.

I’d also like to give a couple of shout-outs:

1. Swimming (and the Ambitious One for being my swim buddy/chaperone in my 3rd trimester) for keeping me reasonably fit.

2. Alvie Bean for sleeping through 2/2 workouts so far (and, when he woke with just 10 minutes to go today, he seemed pretty amused by my jumping about like a fool).

3. This picture for reminding me that what I want is definitely within reach:

(This is after one of the best runs ever – 20 miles in 2009 at Banks Vernonia.)


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