Three (3!) Things Thursday – Healthy Living!

Sorry about missing baby update Wednesday. We were busy exercising and hanging out and I didn’t have time to blog.

Here’s a picture to tide you over to next week:

Welcome to the gun show

Alvie is showing off the benefits of a consistent workout program.


AND NOW – Three Things!

1. Sleeping. Alvie has started to sleep 7+ hours at a time, completely skipping the 11pm-midnight feeding.  This is awesome. The only thing that would be more awesome is if he would do the 11 pm feeding & skip the next one. BUT – I have no real complaints, as getting up once in the middle of the night is not so bad. I usually have to pee anyways (I drink a LOT of water). (Also – having to only pee ONCE in the night is so fantastic – I never thought that would be something I’d appreciate this much.) I am a little more tired than I was a year ago at this time, but much better rested than I was in the last three months of my pregnancy. I am consistently getting 7 hours/night of good sleep.

2. Exercise. I am loving the P90X – and in fact will soon be heading downstairs for day 4 (Yoga! Yay!) of the program. I haven’t lost any weight since last week (today is official weigh in day, and although I weigh less than I did on Monday when I recorded my start weight for the program, it turns out I weight the same as I did last Thursday), which is a bummer, because seriously? I’m only 30 lbs down from my pre-Alvie birth weight and I’m stalling out already? I thought I’d get closer to my pre-pregnancy weight before plateauing. And, in all honesty, since I want to lose more after getting to my pre-pregnancy weight, secretly I was hoping to drop down to that weight easily and then having to work a little more for the extra. My body does not like to lose weight though. It holds onto every pound as if it was the last. Weight loss is a huge, huge struggle for me and always has been. However, I lost ~70 lbs before, none of which were pregnancy-related, so I can do it again.

3. Food. In addition to being better rested than I anticipated, I am not nearly as hungry. In fact, I struggle to meet my minimum caloric intake every day. Mostly what I want is salads and meat. So I’ve been eating a lot of meat salad (that sounds gross, doesn’t it?). After we return from our weekend roadtrip (first road trip and first hotel stay for Alvie!), I am going to cook up a steak every week, cut it into strips and have steak salads for lunch. I also need to find a good place to buy some tuna steaks so I can have Tuna Niçoise salad a couple times a week. I am eating so many greens! However, since fish is scary, I never buy it and would welcome a recommendation on where to get some really good fish.

Overall – even though the weight is not dropping off at the rate I’d like, I am feeling much better. My fitness levels have a long ways to go before they’re back to pre-pregnancy (and, in all honesty, what I want is my 2009 fitness levels back – see photo on the last post), but I’m making progress!


Post P90X Plyo workout on Tuesday

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