Two months with Alvie Bean

Dear Alvie –

Today you are two months old! I can hardly believe that you’ve been an outside baby for two whole months already. This last month sure was a lot better than month #1, wasn’t it?

You are growing so fast. Seriously. You have gained 6 pounds since you were born. That is insane!

The difference between 6 days and 8 weeks


You are such an alert baby. When you are awake – which you are more and more these days – you are just so interested in everything around you! Unless, of course, there’s a ceiling fan. If there’s a ceiling fan, you’re only interested in that!

You are learning to grab things when they’re held next to your hands, you can lift your head for brief periods of time when you’re on your tummy, and you are smiling a LOT. You smile when you see me, when you see daddy, when it’s time to eat, and when we change your diaper. You are the most cheerful little guy I could ever hope for!

Smiling because we put a bird on it


You are also a fantastic sleeper! We only get up once a night for feedings now – usually about 3 am or so. You are a very schedule-oriented baby (you must take after your mommy!). You eat at 3/3:30, 8ish, 10:30ish, 2ish, 5ish, 7:30ish, and then sleep until 3 again! You’re not quite like clockwork, but you are only a tiny baby, so we’ll let it go for now.

Post meal, ready for bedtime baby!


The other day, you laughed in your sleep and woke yourself up. That was the first time I heard you laugh out loud like that, and it was awesome! I can’t wait for an awake and on purpose repeat! You try so hard to roll yourself over when you’re on the floor, but thus far, you’ve been stymied.

You love it when daddy plays the guitar for you, and I have a theory that you’d love hearing me play the piano, too, if they piano wasn’t currently inaccessibly placed behind the dining room table. Soon! You do love music – all kinds – but for some reason, whenever I try to play my crazy Irish drinking song station, you cry. I don’t get that. That’s my favorite station and the one we listened to most often when you were an inside baby.

We started running last Friday, and you really seem to enjoy it! We’ve been twice (third time today!) and you are alternately wide-eyed and fascinated and completely asleep.


I probably shouldn’t say that this has all been easy, but, well, it kind of has been pretty easy. You are such a great little guy. You are hardly ever fussy, and when you are it’s typically short-lived. The only day I can remember where you just weren’t your cheerful self was after three pretty busy days, and I think you just needed a break. The next day you were all smiles again!

Although you don’t do a whole lot yet, you are so much fun. I love watching your various expressions, I love watching you struggle to get your thumb in your mouth when you’re tired (is that mean?), and I love that your smile lights up the room when you see me come in. I can’t wait to see your next milestones! And even though I am getting ready to return to work, and am glad that I can return to work, I am already dreading it just a little. It’s going to be weird not seeing your little face whenever I want.

Hanging out with Mommy in her office


In conclusion – you are awesome and I love you very much. Daddy and I are so lucky to have had the most wonderful baby ever.




PS – Happy one month of outside baby life to Emily’s little girl!

Hey, baby...I'm wearing a horse!

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