I love to make cakes. And, if I do say so  myself, I make an awesome cake. They are, almost without fail, beyond delicious.

What they are not is pretty.

Yesterday, as I was making a carrot cake for Jen’s baby shower, and it was getting uglier & uglier, I decided that what I really need is more practice. So I have instituted the YEAR OF CAKES!

Every month for the next year, I am going to make and decorate a cake. I will take cake flavor requests for upcoming months (although June & July have already been spoken for), and each month I will post my recipe source (or the recipe if I have personally made it up, which is unlikely) and pics, and hopefully when I make the architect’s birthday cake next May, we will see a marked improvement in my cake beautifying skills.

Yesterday’s carrot cake was really good, I think, but oh-so-ugly. So ugly I didn’t even bother to take a picture.

But – if you want an awesome carrot cake + cream cheese frosting, I recommend this one. My only change? I used orange mango juice in place of the water. (Also, because I am lazy, I bought pre-shredded carrots. I did use a pound of the carrots. 10 oz I just put in the way they were and the other 6 oz I put in the food processor to make much finer and juicier.)



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