Three Things Thursday

  1. I am currently obsessed with hazelnuts. Hazelnut butter in my morning oatmeal. Hazelnut flavored creamer in my coffee at home. Hazelnut lattes on my special Thursday latte day. I want to grow a hazelnut tree and become the Hazelnut Queen of Portland.
  2. I am not a rain hater. I do not mind the gray Portland winter (I do, however, mind the DARK part that comes with the sun not staying up for long, lazy-ass sun). I much prefer warm & drizzly over cold & snowy. (The word “snow” in the forecast makes me twitchy & nauseated.) BUT – I am REALLY READY FOR SPRING now. I just want a nice sunny day to spend in the garden. My fingernails are so clean & long that it’s almost embarrassing. I have things to plant! Flowers to pet! Trees to talk to! I just want a few warm, sunny days.  Preferably on a weekend.
  3. A little over a year ago, I stopped wearing my glasses. They were just for close work, so I would often leave them at work and only wear them there, but every once in a while, I would bring them home and then leave them there for weeks. Eventually, they just stopped showing up. I’m sure if I actually lookedfor them, I would find them, but they really weren’t helping much anyway. So, a couple of weeks ago, I went to the eye doctor, got my exam (my eyeballs are super healthy, by the way) and a new pair of glasses. My new glasses are for wearing all the time. No more “just close work” glasses. The optometrist said I didn’t really need all the time glasses, but that it’s easier to remember to wear them if you don’t have to take them off to drive, or walk down the hall, etc. It’s been hard, though, to get in the habit of wearing them. I’ll take them off for whatever reason (swimming, yoga, sleeping) and then not remember to put them back on for awhile. Seeing someone else in glasses can trigger me to remember (thanks, Jen!), but I’m still not quite there…. I do like my frames, though. Super cute, though, right?


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