Last day of leisure

My Mondays of leisure seldom seem leisurely.

I got up, did a phone health assessment while canning pumpkin butter, then got dressed for PT.

After they put me through the wringer, I headed downtown for my WW meeting. I was a bit early, so I wandered the mall a while. I’m on a quest for a simple black skirt for winter. Not sparkly. Or patterned. Or mini. I found a cute one at the Gap – they had it in size 0 & sizes 14+.

I met HTC for our WW meeting, and we were both down this week – so woo! After the meeting, we went to lunch. I probably scared her with the story of my life & wonderful ex-boyfriend. Sorry!

After lunch, I wandered back through the mall & stopped at Ann Taylor Loft – and found a skirt (and some new tights) that I kinda love. SCORE!

Then I headed home, finished up the dishes, caught up on my Google Reader, threw some stuff in the crockpot for dinner, wrote this post, and am now headed out to meet the Ambitious One for some Bikram.

BUT – before I go, I just wanted to wish Junk Miles a very happy birthday. I hope you have a fabulous day!

And a message from our very important sponsor:

Lola says, Please vote

Lola says, "Please vote"

Lola is too young to vote, but she is a staunch supporter of the Democat party, and would like to inform you that if you don’t vote, she doesn’t get any more catnip. So – please, vote Democat this election. You don’t want the kitties to suffer, do you?

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