Wet weekend
Wet weekend

Wet weekend

It’s been rainy & windy off & on all weekend. But – no real complaints.

Yesterday I didn’t do a lot. I got started on my nanowrimo project (which I will dive into again here as soon as I’m done posting). I ellipticalled for 50 minutes. I peeled & chopped about 5,000 apples to make crock pot apple butter.

I played computer video games.

The architect & I watched Iron Man – which I loved.

This morning, I got up, canned my apple butter (I got 4 pints for canning & about 1/2 pint for eating right away) & chopped up my one remaining pumpkin (someone stole my other one right off my front porch sometime early last week) & stuck it in the crockpot – I’m going to puree & freeze some of it, and make pumpkin butter out of the rest. YUM!

Also this morning, I met the Ambitious One (and her hubby) for a run.Β  She was going for a 10-mile, and I’m not quite back to that mileage again yet – so I was going to do four. We took a couple of walk breaks (she was nice enough to walk with me when I needed them), but I ended up going 5 miles in 59 minutes (or so, my garmin keeps having problems), which considering the walk breaks made me feel pretty good. She kept going, and I just hope that the downpour I drove through on my way home didn’t soak her on her run.

It was good to run with her – we’re almost the same pace, which worked out nicely. We tried to formulate a strategy for keeping up with weekday runs now that it’s all dark & cold & rainy……not sure we finalized anything, but we sure did have a good time!


The anniversary –

we only had one group of trick-or-treaters (last year I ran out of candy & had to shut the light off while there were still kids out there) before leaving for dinner. We went to some place that I can’t remember right now – a downtown hotel restaurant that was supposed to be all delicious & specialize in Northwest cuisine.

NOTE TO SELF: Never go to a restaurant that specializes in northwest cuisine. That means that every freaking dish, especially this time of year, has either mushrooms or seafood. Or, usually, both.

I don’t usually fell like a picky eater, but there was only one thing on the menu that I could really eat – and I wasn’t terribly enthused (as it was fishy). Fortunately, it turned out to be delicious. And they were really great about my mushroom allergy – making sure to use a clean grill & utensils & everything so I wouldn’t die.

Also – the service was excellent. I ordered the absinthe, because ever since I first heard of absinthe, I wanted to move to paris in 1900 and live in a tiny garret & spend all my money on absinthe & hookers & work on my writing (why yes, I did read Tropic of Cancer at an impressionable age – what of it?). No one ever bothered to mention that absinthe tastes like black licorice. I was so disappointed! All my dreams, dead! Fortunately, the waitress noticed my distaste & brought me a new drink – a delightful gin martini.

So – it was a good weekend.

AND – don’t forget – Tuesday is election day. If you haven’t already, VOTE!!!



  1. Alisa

    Yay, that was really fun this morning. The walks breaks were not a big deal at all, I would have taken them if you weren’t there–they were definitely mutual! Oh the rain…it wasn’t TOO bad but it was pretty wet from mile 7-9. I finished the whole thing in about 1:58:48, not great but good enough for me. I’m excited about our plans for weekday runs.

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  3. Thanks for the Public Service Announcement about absinthe!

    Always wanted to try it because of the lore around its mysterious powers… but ewww, I hate black licorice.

    So much for my bohemian aspirations. Unless I get more serious about hookers and my unfinished novel.

    1. I KNOW! I was so disappointed! I thought it would be more like a white russian, I think. I didn’t even have any hallucinations! Stupid absinthe. Now I’m actually going to have to work on my writing….

  4. Haha, I go though this at ‘northwest’ restaurants too.
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE fish, but can’t stand the texture of mushrooms and NW chefs put them in EVERYTHING! =)

    Where did you wind up going, btw?

    Sounds like you had a great anniv and long weekend!

    I might have to attend a later WW meeting today – have a conference call at both 10am AND 11am! ARG! I’ll text you and let you know my plan.

  5. Ok so will you think i am more dorky if i tell you i never heard of absinthe? WTF??? I should know this stuff shouldn’t i? So, i can do what all the cool kids do??? Ah well, thats why i come here….to learn things!!

    Great run you had girlie!!! Isn’t running grand?


    1. Not dorky at all – it’s an alcoholic beverage that has long been banned in the US (and lots of other places). It’s recently been unbanned, but I suspect that’s because they removed the ingredient that made it banned (and caused hallucinations & death).

      Have you seen Moulin Rouge? I think that’s what the drugged out people were always drinking. It was very bohemian….much like Opium. Although now, since I hate absinthe (and am so disappointed), I might have to start smoking opium. Which might ruin my lungs for the running. ARGHH!!

  6. SnowDance

    I love all the posts you are now getting – lots of new blog friends! I also feel extremely left out with the running and all. Having new running buddies is awesome for you and congrats on keeping up the great work during the injury and PT…if only I had the same motivation. Will we ever run together again? And are your back at WW?

    Congrats on the running! And goal meeting and setting, and all the fabulous things you are up to!

  7. I LOVE pumpkin and apple butter. I really need to learn canning so I can save fresh pumpkin butter to eat throughout the year. I always make a batch or two on the fall. I’ve actually gotten some decent store bought brands that aren’t packed with sugar – one I had recently was literally just apples and apple cider.

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