Wet weekend

It’s been rainy & windy off & on all weekend. But – no real complaints.

Yesterday I didn’t do a lot. I got started on my nanowrimo project (which I will dive into again here as soon as I’m done posting). I ellipticalled for 50 minutes. I peeled & chopped about 5,000 apples to make crock pot apple butter.

I played computer video games.

The architect & I watched Iron Man – which I loved.

This morning, I got up, canned my apple butter (I got 4 pints for canning & about 1/2 pint for eating right away) & chopped up my one remaining pumpkin (someone stole my other one right off my front porch sometime early last week) & stuck it in the crockpot – I’m going to puree & freeze some of it, and make pumpkin butter out of the rest. YUM!

Also this morning, I met the Ambitious One (and her hubby) for a run.  She was going for a 10-mile, and I’m not quite back to that mileage again yet – so I was going to do four. We took a couple of walk breaks (she was nice enough to walk with me when I needed them), but I ended up going 5 miles in 59 minutes (or so, my garmin keeps having problems), which considering the walk breaks made me feel pretty good. She kept going, and I just hope that the downpour I drove through on my way home didn’t soak her on her run.

It was good to run with her – we’re almost the same pace, which worked out nicely. We tried to formulate a strategy for keeping up with weekday runs now that it’s all dark & cold & rainy……not sure we finalized anything, but we sure did have a good time!


The anniversary –

we only had one group of trick-or-treaters (last year I ran out of candy & had to shut the light off while there were still kids out there) before leaving for dinner. We went to some place that I can’t remember right now – a downtown hotel restaurant that was supposed to be all delicious & specialize in Northwest cuisine.

NOTE TO SELF: Never go to a restaurant that specializes in northwest cuisine. That means that every freaking dish, especially this time of year, has either mushrooms or seafood. Or, usually, both.

I don’t usually fell like a picky eater, but there was only one thing on the menu that I could really eat – and I wasn’t terribly enthused (as it was fishy). Fortunately, it turned out to be delicious. And they were really great about my mushroom allergy – making sure to use a clean grill & utensils & everything so I wouldn’t die.

Also – the service was excellent. I ordered the absinthe, because ever since I first heard of absinthe, I wanted to move to paris in 1900 and live in a tiny garret & spend all my money on absinthe & hookers & work on my writing (why yes, I did read Tropic of Cancer at an impressionable age – what of it?). No one ever bothered to mention that absinthe tastes like black licorice. I was so disappointed! All my dreams, dead! Fortunately, the waitress noticed my distaste & brought me a new drink – a delightful gin martini.

So – it was a good weekend.

AND – don’t forget – Tuesday is election day. If you haven’t already, VOTE!!!



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