November Goals

I am loving my 5 goals per month!  This is an easy way to get organized without getting overwhelmed.

To recap my October goals –

  1. Run 5K (woo! Run Like Hell on 10/19) – I not only ran it, I PR’d!
  2. Not puss out & go to bed super early in Vegas. – Smashing success! Amazing how easy it is to stay out when you’re actual with people you enjoy – as opposed to last time!
  3. Not stress/worry/freak about the state of clean of my house in advance of the in-laws visit. – Not only did I not get all stressed, I only mentioned a couple of times that I wasn’t a good housekeeper. Score!
  4. Come up with an affordable, yet meaningful 2nd anniversary present for the architect (suggestions welcome). – I think I did well. An iPod dock for his car stereo complete with new (to us) iPod – and that is a story in itself! It involved getting lost in the back woods of Vancouver, and purchasing a gently used iPod from some people in a trailer house. I felt kinda bad – the iPod was the kid’s, and his folks were selling it because they needed $50 cash…and then I show up, lost & air-head-like with a $50 bill…..I felt all elitest and guilty. 🙁 BUT – the architect did like his gift (which came complete with an installed love-song playlist.
  5. Knit one complete project (instead of 3 half projects – half of a hat doesn’t do anyone any good). – I made myself a kick-ass new scarf!  It’s not quite done, but I promise to post a photo of it as soon as I’m finished as proof.
So, I find myself needing some November goals. I think it’s good to spread my goals out a little, so they’re not all fitness, or gardening, or personal improvement…..
  1. Run the Turkey Trot (4 miles) on Thanksgiving in 45 minutes or less. This will be a bit harder, due to the presence of hills. (fitness)
  2. Make one new recipe from Tastespotting each week for four weeks. (food)
  3. Make my rain barrels. (gardening)
  4. Finish all holiday gift obtaining and stick with budget. (personal)
  5. Participate in & finish NaNoWriMo – something I haven’t accomplished since 2005. (writing)
Due to financial uncertainty in the gazelle/architect household, holiday gift shopping will have a smaller budget than in years past. I am going to work really hard to remember that people aren’t friends with me because I get them winter gifts – and that a small thoughtful gift is equally as valued as an expensive gift. However, I also don’t want to send all of my loved ones cards saying that I donated to the ACLU or Planned Parenthood in their honor (although I have a few relatives to whom I would LOVE to send that card).  Does anyone have ideas for thoughtful, inexpensive gifts? Can I knit everyone a dishrag?
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