April 27, 2015

When last I left you, we were collectively basking in the radiance of my awesomeness. Since there’s only so long I can milk my brief but shining stardom, I thought it might be time to come up with some new content. Soooo – what’s been going on these last two weeks? Fuck if I remember….

November 3, 2008

My Mondays of leisure seldom seem leisurely. I got up, did a phone health assessment while canning pumpkin butter, then got dressed for PT. After they put me through the wringer, I headed downtown for my WW meeting. I was a bit early, so I wandered the mall a while. I’m on a quest for…

October 28, 2008

I had a great weekend. Hung with my friend, the cheetah & got to see her new house for the first time. We were supposed to be having knitting night, but mostly we had drinking wine & eating night – still quite satisfactory.  Saturday & Sunday were yard work days. It was a gorgeous weekend –…