Drawing a blank

I had a great weekend. Hung with my friend, the cheetah & got to see her new house for the first time. We were supposed to be having knitting night, but mostly we had drinking wine & eating night – still quite satisfactory. 

Saturday & Sunday were yard work days. It was a gorgeous weekend – one you don’t necessarily expect at the end of July, and we got everything ready for winter (mostly).

Saturday night we went to a wine tasting event with some of my co-workers. Although a good time was had by all, there wasn’t enough wine to make me lose my social inhibitions, so mostly I just talked to the architect.

Monday was a crazy day with much business and a whole lot of late afternoon suck. Seriously – I got lost in the back woods of Washington state. I will tell you the whole story next week as part of the story involved obtaining a gift for the architect for our anniversary.

Other Monday highlights:

1) Physical therapy

2) Weight watchers (with HTC)

3) Dentist (still no cavities)

4) I got my 55-gallon food grade barrels so that I can make my own rain barrels! Note to others: it is next to impossible to fit 2 55-gallon food grade barrels in a Hyundai Elantra.

5) Didn’t make it to my run w/ the cheetah due to the dentist

6) Did manage to make it to the grocery store

7) Did get the architect’s gift from the backwoods of Washington state without getting murdered or running out of gas (that was a real danger). Thanks to the architect – I had to call him to look me up on google maps & tell me a) where I was; b) how to get to where I was going [without telling him why]; and c) how to get back to civilization so I could put gas in my car & find the freeway.

Today has been busy. I’m only at work two days this week, and I have a big project that needs to be submitted today, as well as one that needs to be mostly done for submission next week.

I am looking forward to my mini-vacay, even though we’re not going anywhere special. Just hanging out at home w/ the kitties & chillaxing. At least that’s my plan!

I tried to stop by & read everyone’s blogs today, but if I didn’t leave a comment, it’s not because I don’t love you – I do! Really! (Well, except for you….) I’m just hella busy. 

I’ll have porn tomorrow, and then maybe some real content (and not just a boring ‘what’s amy doing’ post) on Thursday.

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