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What I did on my Summer Thanksgiving Vacation

Well, for starters, I did have to work on Friday. And there was outdoor work. From 4:30 – 6:30. And it was cold.

BUT – as for the rest of the time….

Wednesday evening I worked out, but only a little as my back was still (and is still) a bit fucked up. Not badly, and honestly, if I’d taken it easy all weekend, I’d probably be fine now.

However, since I did a little workout as opposed to the big workout on Wednesday, I was really, really cold Wednesday night. So very cold. So, I went home and the architect took me out for dinner and drinks, because he is a good man.

Thursday I had been commanded not to run, so I pouted & was cranky and didn’t. Instead, I cooked. I had ordered an 8-lb turkey for dinner, but received a 15-lb one instead. For all three of us. Anyone for leftovers?

I made dinner rolls and stuffing and cranberries and green beans w/ almonds and mashed sweet potatoes and turkey and gravy. The architect made a veggie tray. Our guest made pumpkin peanut butter cream cheese pie. And saffron pear vodka drinks. And it was all good. All of my recipes (with the exception of the gravy) were Weight Watchers recipes, so although we all were stuffed to the gills, it was with slightly fewer calories than usual (and my stuffing? was divine. seriously…best EVER, and only 2 points per serving).

After dinner, we drank for a while and chatted (and I did 17 rounds of dishes) and then had pie and more drinks. And then our guest got on his bicycle to ride in the dark and the cold back to his home, which was 45 minutes away! (by bicycle.) And he didn’t have a hat! And excuses like, “I used to live in Finland, this isn’t cold” are lame, because I used to live in South Dakota, but it was still cold. But, he apparently survived. So that was good.

Friday was the working.

Saturday, we ripped out the carpet in our living room. And the carpet pad. And the baseboards. And the tacky strips. And the linoleum in the entry. Then we put some felt down on the floor.

We went from this:

to this:

’cause who doesn’t like plywood floors? Well, it turns out that we don’t.

Sunday, we put in our hardwood floors (one room down, two to go) in the living room, and went from this:

(as you can see, it was hard work) to this:

please note the tastefully placed garbage bag….we know our interior decorating!

Isn’t it so pretty? I love it. The backs of my thighs & my ass do not know yet if they can forgive the floors, so they’re withholding judgment. Why are they withholding judgment, you might ask? Well, I think it’s from 5 hours of this:

By the end of the evening, i was not even sure if I could stand up. But thankfully, I am again fully upright. And in fact, I walked yesterday (although not today – saving myself for my Wednesday workout).

So – that’s what we did.

Hey you! What are you doing next weekend? Wanna come over?

It’s all okay

Nothing that a glass of gin can’t fix, apparently. Also, I did decide to bring a lawsuit against my parents. It’s got to be their fault, right? I mean, they never even enrolled me in a ballet class, and I know that would have made the difference.

I called them last night to let them know to expect to be contacted by my lawyer, and my father’s defense was, “I took you to a karate class once.” I am not swayed. The lawsuit shall go forward. I need compensation for years of bumps and bruises and sprained ankles and pulled muscles.

And, just in case you were wondering – I was not wearing heels at the time of my accident. In fact, I have never fallen in heels. I’ve bitten it more times than I can count in bare feet, flip flops & sneakers, but my high-heel/walking streak goes unbroken. Which probably just means that I should wear heels – even when getting ready for bed.

Today I got my 25 pound magnet at my WW meeting. I have lost just over 25 (25.2, to be precise) pounds since 5/30/07. That’s a total loss of 59.2 lbs since January of 2003. Yay me! Also, if anyone out there is a size 8, 10 or 12 and needs some professional clothes with a fairly short inseam (because I am a shorty, although I am not petite), let me know. I have some, and if I don’t hear from you (gazellesoncrack AT gmail DOT com), I will be forced to try to sell them on eBay.

However, it is now 4 PM on the day before Thanksgiving, and everyone in my office has gone home. Except for me. Well, and Kim. But she’s actually still working, and that’s just sick and wrong. (ha ha! just kidding Kim. Please still bring me Stuffin Muffins.) We are going to go work out in the cold, because we are hard core.

Happy Thanksgiving! Don’t forget to hug someone & tell them you’re thankful for them.


So, I fell down the stairs last night. Just a couple of them, but in the process I managed to hit the bannister with my back.

At first, there was pain. But then, it faded enough for me to get up & finish getting ready for bed. About 30 minutes later, it hurt so much that I was tearing up. The architect brought me drugs (I really love that man). I had a lot of trouble falling asleep, but I did. And when I woke up this morning, I felt okay. Just a little sore.

Now? Several ibuprofens and six-ish hours later, I hurt so badly I want to go home and never move again. I can’t walk, certainly can’t run, and can’t swim (my three planned activities for today). I need to feel better by tomorrow at 4:30 for my workout, because I will not skip the running up the big hill and doing things that will make my thighs hurt for days. I’m less than 14 lbs away from my WW goal (and just over15 from my super-secret private weight goal) and I don’t need an injury during holiday cookie season (not to mention the wonderful sounding Stuffin’ Muffins that my friend’s husband, obviously an evil genius who not only creates such wonderful sounding things, but then shares the recipe so that other people can also make their own evil) to screw that all up.

So, my plan – to sit here for another 4 hours or so, go to a co-worker’s farewell fiesta (she’s moving 20 feet down the hall!) and then go home and ice. Then heat. Then take that last oxycondone left over from my surgery and go to sleep. Tomorrow, it will all be better. Right?


I had an excellent weekend. Friday started out a little rough. We had some rain (I know! I was also surprised! Here in the NW!) that caused the inner asshat to come out in all drivers – and I missed my appointment due to the accidents on the freeway (exciting to watch happen, nice when I avoid them). Because of the general crappiness of the drive, it took my friend forever to get to Portland – so long, in fact, that I had to start drinking without her.

Once she arrived, we had martinis together and ate homemade tamales, and it was good! We stayed up late chatting and drinking.

Saturday, it was time for the super-secret mission. The mission was in Battle Ground, and involved a crazy animal rights person (which is funny if you know where I work) and there was a brief moment when I thought she might rescind the offer and tear up the paperwork, but in the end, it all worked out, and the result of the mission is:

Meet Lola & Gouda. Lola is my baby girl (on the left), and Gouda melted my friend’s heart, so she took him up north.

The architect & I had been talking about getting a new baby for awhile now, and when we saw her picture, we could not resist any longer. She is the sweetest little monster, although our existing children are having a little trouble warming up to her:

There is no photographic evidence of Jasmin’s displeasure, as I really didn’t see her for at least 24 hours (love my house, but it does give disapproving kittehs lots of places to hide).

I am hopeful that Darwin will soon get over his feelings of betrayal and fear and begin cuddling with little Lola – signs were positive this morning – there was only a minimum of hissing, and the curiosity seemed less fearful – and that I will come home to a kitty cuddle-fest (and then I will likely die from the overwhelming cute).

So – we spent most of the rest of Saturday gazing in adoration at the cuteness before us and occasionally passing out from near heart failure.

Saturday evening, we went to the Steak & Chophouse for cocktails (martinis, surprisingly). And then to Old Town Pizza for haunted pizza. Much fun (and delicious pizza) was had.

Then, we stopped by VooDoo Doughnuts for dessert – because everyone should do that at least once. At that point I realized that I had nearly duplicated a night out I’d had with another friend I made in the internet (except instead of cocktails at Steak & Chophouse, we just met there ’cause that was where she was staying….although in the hotel portion and not so much the bar) last year.

Sunday morning, we went out for brunch at a local place, and then it was time for her to leave. The architect & I lazed around watching Planet Earth, and then I went for a run. I really need new running shoes – mine are all mesh and that makes my feet cold and wet and gives me blisters. 🙁

All in all, good weekend. It sure was hard to leave all the cute behind and come to work today. Only 4.5 more hours until I’m free to bask the beauty that is L-O-L-A Lola.

WOE! WOE! is me…..

This morning in my pilates class, my instructor said – “Anyone who hasn’t registered for the Hippie Chick Half should do it soon – it’s already half-full!”

So – this afternoon, I attempted to register. And was greeted with:

Hello Hippie Chicks! Registration is now



I may have teared up a little. That was to be my first half-marathon, and I was so excited. I’m on the waiting list now, but am very, very sad. Also hopeful that lots of women will fall down and break their legs in the next few months.

However, registration is now open for the Shamrock Run in March (around St. Patrick’s Day, surprisingly enough), and I am determined to run in that 15K. I just need to find a replacement half now, just in case. I was looking a the Helvetia Half, but that’s the same weekend I’m now thinking about planning on doing this. Which means I need to get my swim on. And stop talking about it. I feel good about the biking & running, but the swimming? Not so much. Which you all know. Because I talk about it more often than is strictly necessary.

And I’m still considering my marathon – if the half goes well, that is. But there are so many things to do! And I need to run more! In six weeks, I need to be doing 20 miles a week, minimum….which means I need to be close to a 1o mile long run, and 3 other runs a week. Right now I’m just hitting a 6 mile long on weekends, and then a run/workout that adds another 3ish miles on Wednesday. I’m thinking of trying to run with the lizards on Monday nights – which will add another 5-7 miles, and that would put me at about 20. If I could do a 2-3 mile on Thursdays, I’d be set, I think. But when do I swim? Tuesdays and Thursdays? But when do I yoga? Mondays? with Pilates on Fridays? And my 60 minute walk/hikes as many days as I can get them. But wait, when do I rest? And when I am certifiable?

So many dilemmas.

In just about 2 hours, I will be having martinis with a good friend who is driving down to stay with me for the weekend. I am very excited. Tomorrow, we are going on a secret mission, and then will get all dolled up and wear insanely high heels. I don’t know where we’re going in our insanely high heels, but we will be having fun. I understand that cheese will also be involved with this weekend – which is all the incentive I need to do anything. (My three weaknesses are: top-shelf gin martinis, cheese plates, chocolate chip cookies. I trust you not to exploit that information.)

So, I need to be finishing up my work and getting ready to head home and have the fun!