WOE! WOE! is me…..

This morning in my pilates class, my instructor said – “Anyone who hasn’t registered for the Hippie Chick Half should do it soon – it’s already half-full!”

So – this afternoon, I attempted to register. And was greeted with:

Hello Hippie Chicks! Registration is now



I may have teared up a little. That was to be my first half-marathon, and I was so excited. I’m on the waiting list now, but am very, very sad. Also hopeful that lots of women will fall down and break their legs in the next few months.

However, registration is now open for the Shamrock Run in March (around St. Patrick’s Day, surprisingly enough), and I am determined to run in that 15K. I just need to find a replacement half now, just in case. I was looking a the Helvetia Half, but that’s the same weekend I’m now thinking about planning on doing this. Which means I need to get my swim on. And stop talking about it. I feel good about the biking & running, but the swimming? Not so much. Which you all know. Because I talk about it more often than is strictly necessary.

And I’m still considering my marathon – if the half goes well, that is. But there are so many things to do! And I need to run more! In six weeks, I need to be doing 20 miles a week, minimum….which means I need to be close to a 1o mile long run, and 3 other runs a week. Right now I’m just hitting a 6 mile long on weekends, and then a run/workout that adds another 3ish miles on Wednesday. I’m thinking of trying to run with the lizards on Monday nights – which will add another 5-7 miles, and that would put me at about 20. If I could do a 2-3 mile on Thursdays, I’d be set, I think. But when do I swim? Tuesdays and Thursdays? But when do I yoga? Mondays? with Pilates on Fridays? And my 60 minute walk/hikes as many days as I can get them. But wait, when do I rest? And when I am certifiable?

So many dilemmas.

In just about 2 hours, I will be having martinis with a good friend who is driving down to stay with me for the weekend. I am very excited. Tomorrow, we are going on a secret mission, and then will get all dolled up and wear insanely high heels. I don’t know where we’re going in our insanely high heels, but we will be having fun. I understand that cheese will also be involved with this weekend – which is all the incentive I need to do anything. (My three weaknesses are: top-shelf gin martinis, cheese plates, chocolate chip cookies. I trust you not to exploit that information.)

So, I need to be finishing up my work and getting ready to head home and have the fun!

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