I had an excellent weekend. Friday started out a little rough. We had some rain (I know! I was also surprised! Here in the NW!) that caused the inner asshat to come out in all drivers – and I missed my appointment due to the accidents on the freeway (exciting to watch happen, nice when I avoid them). Because of the general crappiness of the drive, it took my friend forever to get to Portland – so long, in fact, that I had to start drinking without her.

Once she arrived, we had martinis together and ate homemade tamales, and it was good! We stayed up late chatting and drinking.

Saturday, it was time for the super-secret mission. The mission was in Battle Ground, and involved a crazy animal rights person (which is funny if you know where I work) and there was a brief moment when I thought she might rescind the offer and tear up the paperwork, but in the end, it all worked out, and the result of the mission is:

Meet Lola & Gouda. Lola is my baby girl (on the left), and Gouda melted my friend’s heart, so she took him up north.

The architect & I had been talking about getting a new baby for awhile now, and when we saw her picture, we could not resist any longer. She is the sweetest little monster, although our existing children are having a little trouble warming up to her:

There is no photographic evidence of Jasmin’s displeasure, as I really didn’t see her for at least 24 hours (love my house, but it does give disapproving kittehs lots of places to hide).

I am hopeful that Darwin will soon get over his feelings of betrayal and fear and begin cuddling with little Lola – signs were positive this morning – there was only a minimum of hissing, and the curiosity seemed less fearful – and that I will come home to a kitty cuddle-fest (and then I will likely die from the overwhelming cute).

So – we spent most of the rest of Saturday gazing in adoration at the cuteness before us and occasionally passing out from near heart failure.

Saturday evening, we went to the Steak & Chophouse for cocktails (martinis, surprisingly). And then to Old Town Pizza for haunted pizza. Much fun (and delicious pizza) was had.

Then, we stopped by VooDoo Doughnuts for dessert – because everyone should do that at least once. At that point I realized that I had nearly duplicated a night out I’d had with another friend I made in the internet (except instead of cocktails at Steak & Chophouse, we just met there ’cause that was where she was staying….although in the hotel portion and not so much the bar) last year.

Sunday morning, we went out for brunch at a local place, and then it was time for her to leave. The architect & I lazed around watching Planet Earth, and then I went for a run. I really need new running shoes – mine are all mesh and that makes my feet cold and wet and gives me blisters. 🙁

All in all, good weekend. It sure was hard to leave all the cute behind and come to work today. Only 4.5 more hours until I’m free to bask the beauty that is L-O-L-A Lola.

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