So, I fell down the stairs last night. Just a couple of them, but in the process I managed to hit the bannister with my back.

At first, there was pain. But then, it faded enough for me to get up & finish getting ready for bed. About 30 minutes later, it hurt so much that I was tearing up. The architect brought me drugs (I really love that man). I had a lot of trouble falling asleep, but I did. And when I woke up this morning, I felt okay. Just a little sore.

Now? Several ibuprofens and six-ish hours later, I hurt so badly I want to go home and never move again. I can’t walk, certainly can’t run, and can’t swim (my three planned activities for today). I need to feel better by tomorrow at 4:30 for my workout, because I will not skip the running up the big hill and doing things that will make my thighs hurt for days. I’m less than 14 lbs away from my WW goal (and just over15 from my super-secret private weight goal) and I don’t need an injury during holiday cookie season (not to mention the wonderful sounding Stuffin’ Muffins that my friend’s husband, obviously an evil genius who not only creates such wonderful sounding things, but then shares the recipe so that other people can also make their own evil) to screw that all up.

So, my plan – to sit here for another 4 hours or so, go to a co-worker’s farewell fiesta (she’s moving 20 feet down the hall!) and then go home and ice. Then heat. Then take that last oxycondone left over from my surgery and go to sleep. Tomorrow, it will all be better. Right?

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