It’s all okay

Nothing that a glass of gin can’t fix, apparently. Also, I did decide to bring a lawsuit against my parents. It’s got to be their fault, right? I mean, they never even enrolled me in a ballet class, and I know that would have made the difference.

I called them last night to let them know to expect to be contacted by my lawyer, and my father’s defense was, “I took you to a karate class once.” I am not swayed. The lawsuit shall go forward. I need compensation for years of bumps and bruises and sprained ankles and pulled muscles.

And, just in case you were wondering – I was not wearing heels at the time of my accident. In fact, I have never fallen in heels. I’ve bitten it more times than I can count in bare feet, flip flops & sneakers, but my high-heel/walking streak goes unbroken. Which probably just means that I should wear heels – even when getting ready for bed.

Today I got my 25 pound magnet at my WW meeting. I have lost just over 25 (25.2, to be precise) pounds since 5/30/07. That’s a total loss of 59.2 lbs since January of 2003. Yay me! Also, if anyone out there is a size 8, 10 or 12 and needs some professional clothes with a fairly short inseam (because I am a shorty, although I am not petite), let me know. I have some, and if I don’t hear from you (gazellesoncrack AT gmail DOT com), I will be forced to try to sell them on eBay.

However, it is now 4 PM on the day before Thanksgiving, and everyone in my office has gone home. Except for me. Well, and Kim. But she’s actually still working, and that’s just sick and wrong. (ha ha! just kidding Kim. Please still bring me Stuffin Muffins.) We are going to go work out in the cold, because we are hard core.

Happy Thanksgiving! Don’t forget to hug someone & tell them you’re thankful for them.

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