What I did on my Summer Thanksgiving Vacation

Well, for starters, I did have to work on Friday. And there was outdoor work. From 4:30 – 6:30. And it was cold.

BUT – as for the rest of the time….

Wednesday evening I worked out, but only a little as my back was still (and is still) a bit fucked up. Not badly, and honestly, if I’d taken it easy all weekend, I’d probably be fine now.

However, since I did a little workout as opposed to the big workout on Wednesday, I was really, really cold Wednesday night. So very cold. So, I went home and the architect took me out for dinner and drinks, because he is a good man.

Thursday I had been commanded not to run, so I pouted & was cranky and didn’t. Instead, I cooked. I had ordered an 8-lb turkey for dinner, but received a 15-lb one instead. For all three of us. Anyone for leftovers?

I made dinner rolls and stuffing and cranberries and green beans w/ almonds and mashed sweet potatoes and turkey and gravy. The architect made a veggie tray. Our guest made pumpkin peanut butter cream cheese pie. And saffron pear vodka drinks. And it was all good. All of my recipes (with the exception of the gravy) were Weight Watchers recipes, so although we all were stuffed to the gills, it was with slightly fewer calories than usual (and my stuffing? was divine. seriously…best EVER, and only 2 points per serving).

After dinner, we drank for a while and chatted (and I did 17 rounds of dishes) and then had pie and more drinks. And then our guest got on his bicycle to ride in the dark and the cold back to his home, which was 45 minutes away! (by bicycle.) And he didn’t have a hat! And excuses like, “I used to live in Finland, this isn’t cold” are lame, because I used to live in South Dakota, but it was still cold. But, he apparently survived. So that was good.

Friday was the working.

Saturday, we ripped out the carpet in our living room. And the carpet pad. And the baseboards. And the tacky strips. And the linoleum in the entry. Then we put some felt down on the floor.

We went from this:

to this:

’cause who doesn’t like plywood floors? Well, it turns out that we don’t.

Sunday, we put in our hardwood floors (one room down, two to go) in the living room, and went from this:

(as you can see, it was hard work) to this:

please note the tastefully placed garbage bag….we know our interior decorating!

Isn’t it so pretty? I love it. The backs of my thighs & my ass do not know yet if they can forgive the floors, so they’re withholding judgment. Why are they withholding judgment, you might ask? Well, I think it’s from 5 hours of this:

By the end of the evening, i was not even sure if I could stand up. But thankfully, I am again fully upright. And in fact, I walked yesterday (although not today – saving myself for my Wednesday workout).

So – that’s what we did.

Hey you! What are you doing next weekend? Wanna come over?

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