Back Inaction

I have been a bit of a cranky poopyhead the last couple of weeks. Mainly due to the fact that my little back injury that’s really not that bad is, in fact, almost that bad. I haven’t exercised in years. Or weeks. Whatever. I wasn’t even allowed to swim! or yoga! or breathe!

Today, however, I have been given the go ahead to take a nice long walk tomorrow, and if all goes well with that, I can run 2 miles on Sunday. That’s not a long distance, but it’s more than zero. And now that I have a 15K coming up in 3 months, that’s enough.

However, still no swimming, yoga, pilates, heavy lifting, bending over installing hardwood floors (sorry baby) or getting all crazy with the cheese whiz exercising.

I went to the most amazing chiropractor in the history of the world. I think he might actually be part magician. He didn’t crackle or snap or pop or anything, just poked me in a few spots. I told him that I’ve been having trouble with nausea & related outcomes since my accident, and he poked me and said, “does this make you nauseated?” and it DID! Which was a) kind of mean, and b) interesting. Apparently the part of my back that is injured is also the part of the back that has all the digestive nerves traveling through it.

Other than the back, the weird and sometimes excruciating pain, and my occasional inability to keep solid food in my stomach where it belongs, things have been good. The crafting coven has reconvened for the winter, and I’m almost done with a kick-ass scarf, which is good, because my neck is very cold. Then, I can make a matching hat. I love making hats. They are so fast & easy. Do you want a hat? Let me know (also the circumference of your head would be helpful) and I will make you a hat. Probably not in time for New Year’s Eve parties or anything, but eventually.

The hardwood floor project has been moving very slowly, in part because I cannot help. Although I think it might be helpful for me to sit on the sofa and knit and point out any small errors or inconsistencies. What? That’s not helpful? Hmmm….that would explain a lot about last weekend.

The kittehs are still wonderful. Darwin & Lola are bestest friends ever now (well, they play together, and lick each other’s butts…so that’s almost like BFFs, right?) and Jasmin is tolerant of the situation.

Life is pretty damn good. Especially now that I can run this weekend.

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