Good Things

So – things have been okay. It was nice to have a 3-day weekend, even though it ended with a bit of a meltdown on my part. (too many things! do not want!) The architect took Monday off, too, so we could spend the day together. It was a blustery, stormy day, and it was so nice to be together.

Yesterday there was knitting! Which was so much fun. I’ve been working on a yoga mat bag forever, and it’s super hard – I’m thinking of just giving up and buying a stupid bag. I would rather have a happy, relaxed time with the knitting with chatting and drinking and not muttering, “slip one, knit two together, dammit….” So, I bought some pretty yarn and started a scarf, because scarves and hats are easy and fun. Also relaxing, and who doesn’t like to relax? Crazy people, that’s who.

Other fun things? Well, still stuck in my weight rut, but today I got new motivation. One of my (skinny-ass) co-workers brought in a couple of pairs of pants yesterday (well a pair of 7 jeans and a pair of J. Crew casual camo pants.) The jeans didn’t so much button (but, they were size 28, and that is small), but the pants, which were size 2, fit. And, I would wear them in public. I think the size 2 is a bit of a lie – but they probably are size 4-ish.

So today? She brought in a whole mess of dress pants, all size 4, and although they’re a bit tight, they fit. And they will fit perfectly in a month (see? motivation). But, the best motivation of all is another pair of jeans she brought in that are size 28 that buttoned and everything – and my goal is to wear them (comfortably) in public by the end of this year. SO! Renewed committment! Damn you, winter beer season! I will drink wine! (most of the time.)

But – I am feeling terrific. I look great and I feel great. I can run many miles in a row without wanting to die, and most of my goals at this point are fitness related – which is awesome.

As soon as I figure out how to get out of obligations I didn’t really understand when I was getting myself into – things will be good. I have some issues that I need to figure out (including the one that involves why I’ve been having anxiety attacks lately) about my professional career development, but I feel that things are doing alright. Of course, we’ve had more sunshine that is our share this November, which may have something to do with that positive feeling! Who knows?

Another good thing? Today was cheese day at work, and more than half the cheese were not from cows – so I had a banana and cheese for lunch. Oh, and a (D-Lite, 1 g fat) cookie. Part of this balanced diet!

I saved one of the best things for last, though. My good friend is coming down from far, far away (well, Seattle-ish) this weekend so we can have gin and cheese and plot the death of evil-doers. Oh, and we’ll be having tamales that I made last weekend. (which are yummy. I am a goddess. Well, me and my co-tamale-makers.) So, life is good. (For now.) (do you think I overused the parentheses a bit?) (me, neither.)

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