It’s 4:00 PM

Today has flown by. Probably because I didn’t show up at work until 9:45 (in my defense, I left home at 8 – I knew there was a reason I’ve been driving lately….it’s just not practical to take the public transportation from my new home).

I am excited for my three-day weekend, but feel completely overwhelmed with the amount of work I’m trying to get done in the next hour – hour and a half.

I really want a martini.

This weekend I am making tamales – which is very exciting. I’ve never done that before, so it should be educational and delicious.

I am also cleaning my house from top to bottom, because next weekend, I will have a guest! YAY!

Sunday & Monday will be devoted to cleaning, inside & out (the lawn needs some raking) and relaxing. Oh – and building that website I need to build. Dammit. Stupid things I agree to do that I didn’t really mean at all.

Next week brings the return of the knitting! I am very excited, because knitting often means wine, too – and I like wine.

Other than that – I’m just all scattered and boring. So, I’m sure there are many more exciting things to report, but unfortunately, I don’t remember what they are.

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