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Writerly Wednesday

The Waning Moon cover went out to my newsletter subscribers. If you don’t want to wait until next week to see it, you can sign up (check the side bar!) now. You’ll get access to the Raj serial (I really need a title) and I’ll send you the cover!

Next week on Writerly Wednesday, I’ll have the public cover reveal as well as links to the presale! (I’m anticipating a busy weekend…good thing I have a ton of other things planned as well!)

If you read The Cardinal Gate and aren’t related to me, I’d really appreciate it if you’d head over to Amazon and leave me a review.

Unrelated: I went to the NKOTB Total Package concert last night and had so much fun, but now my voice hurts and I’m tired and old.

Worth it though. That is Joey McIntyre and my hand.

Motivation Monday

I’m feeling pretty good about this upcoming week. I was in bed by 10:30 last night (which is my goal time), and although I didn’t get up when I was supposed to this morning (I got so little sleep Saturday night that my body tried to make up for it last night), I still got up, managed to get me and the bean off to school/work while remembering both of our lunches and my coffee (which I invariably forget either at home or in my car [I drive to Bean’s preschool and leave my car there while I take the bus into work]).

My “free gift with purchase of school pics” seemed kinda silly, but I love it. That little face.

Anyone who’s spent any time with me knows that I have a spreadsheet addiction problem passion. When I track my daily movement, I move more. Well, sometimes. May was the first month that I hit my average daily movement goals and I doubled my yoga classes for the year. I also started tracking my food again and for some reason, lost 3 lbs and (according to my smart scale) 5% body fat. It’s not as much as I would’ve liked (because really, I’d like to wake up tomorrow back to my 2009 marathon shape), but it’s certainly a start!

2008/2009 Amy

I’ve been reading a lot of self-help lately. Partially, because I think I can always be better, and partially because I’m trying to figure out how to reinstate good habits, make myself more efficient, and fix the parts of my personality that I’m less fond of. (I am motivated as all get out to do the things that are externally imposed – I will get my work done at my day job, and if one of my clients sends me an article to edit/proof, I will crank that shit out before you can say “I don’t need it until next week.” But my own stuff? Unless I’ve set a deadline with someone else, it doesn’t get done. Which is why that’s the first thing I did with my current editor. [Speaking of which…Colleen – I’m gonna need a new deadline for Eleanor #3.])

Indian khanda sword…

Speaking of Eleanor, I sent my final manuscript to my proofreader yesterday and the final blurb to my cover artist last night. I have the paperback wrap and all the graphics for the book done and ready to go! As a reminder, newsletter subscribers will get the cover reveal this week, and the public reveal will happen next week. Pre-order links will go up next week, too. (There may or may not also be an exciting contest announcement next week! Stay tuned!)

Have a great week, everyone! It’s publication month! Woo!

Eleanor is watching you.

Three-ish Things Thursday: Oregon Coast Edition

Last weekend, the Beer Guy & I took advantage of the three-day weekend and our childless state to hit the Oregon Coast. I’ve been wanting to go to Yachats for about 10 years, so I booked us a room and then said, “Hey, is Yachats okay?” Fortunately, it was.

Honestly, the other reason I wanted Yachats was the proximity to Cape Perpetua and the setting of my newest book series (because of course I started a 3rd series). We spent the first night of our mini-vacay there and the second night in Seaside, which is quite a bit further north.

I have more than three pictures, but I’ll limit myself this time…

Cape Perpetual/Thor’s Well



Three Things Thursday: mental health as told by Dean Winchester .gifs

  1. I’ve been at the new job for a month. Although there are some things I don’t like about the job (98% of those things are “having a job;” I’d prefer to be independently wealthy), I feel like a completely different person than I did two months ago. It’s kind of amazing how much self-worth is attached to “earning money” and “receiving the respect and appreciation of your colleagues.”
  2. Other good news on the mental health front: I’ve had two panic attacks in the last week. How is this good news, you might ask? I’ll tell you.There was a time when I was having panic attacks on a nearly daily basis. Starting about four months after Bean was born until almost a year ago, panic attacks were a part of my daily life. My only hope at that time was that I wouldn’t get one while driving over the Marquam Bridge. I tried a wide variety of medications to quell the panic attacks and get the anxiety under control. Nothing really worked, but I did get to take a lot of extremely addictive drugs and then wean myself off of them. (Aside: the other night, the Beer Guy and I were watching a comedy special and the guy was talking about being prescribed the same drug and how not fun the coming off it was. Psycho solidarity is a real thing.)ANYWAY – back to panic attacks. About a year ago, they mostly disappeared. There were times when my anxiety was higher than others, but the chest-crushing, can’t breathe, probably hyperventilating, maybe passing out, am I sure that it’s really just a panic attack and not a cardiac event this time? episodes were mostly gone. (Instead, I got a fun uptick in the number of aural migraines!) So why am I asserting that the panic attacks are good things (well, at least not awful things)? I think I’ve finally gotten back to a place where my general anxiety is low enough that my body can actually have a panic attack. Like for real-I was too anxious during the last year to have a panic attack because my body legitimately couldn’t work up any more adrenaline because it was all in use. (OMG, maybe I had adrenal fatigue. That’s a real thing, right Cat?) (Heh. She hates it when I say that. #science #psm)So, in short (’cause I am not a tall woman.), my mental health progression over the last year or so has been like:

Fake it ’til you make it…


And maybe someday, I’ll get here…


  1. One last piece of good news. I wear a fitbit that not only tracks my steps, but also my heart rate. I spent a number of years as a fairly physically fit person. I ran a marathon, did several sprint triathlons, more 5Ks than I can count, and thought nothing of heading up to Forest Park to run 10-15 miles on the trails. The last two years have not been good for my physical fitness. Stress and single parenting took a huge toll on my fitness levels (and my weight, obviously). My resting heart rate, which two years ago was about 54, was up to an average of 74 a month ago.  One month on the job (with the requisite leaving the house, walking about, and lowered stress), and now I’m here:


So much win! (Ha! I typed “so much wine” on my first go. SELF! It’s 8:30 in the morning. No wine for you!)

It’s a small step, but an important one for my overall mental and physical well-being. (Now, I just need to make it through my imaging appointment tomorrow without needing a paper bag, and it’ll be clear sailing…)

Have a great Memorial Day weekend, Americans! (And a great regular weekend, everyone else.)

There was no way I wasn’t sharing this once I saw it. I care about each of you too much.



The Secret Garage

Not as catchy as “The Secret Garden,” is it? Sunday morning I was having a very exciting dream full of intrigue and graphic violence and thrown soup packets. In the dream, the Beer Guy revealed that he had a secret garage under our house where he kept his collection of extremely expensive cars. He let me drive that one that was worth $7 million. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is.

This car, the most expensive in the world, is $4.8 million because it’s literally covered in diamonds.

That wasn’t even the most exciting thing that happened this weekend!

I chainsawed! We had a few branches break this winter and spring due to ice and wind, and I took the chainsaw out there and cut those branches down. And then, I cut down a few more. And a couple more. And then I chainsawed all the branches into manageable chunks of branch.

It was kind of amazingly fun! I want to chainsaw all the things!

Dramatic representation of me chainsawing.

Alvie and I also planted some garden stuff. We planted blueberries, strawberries, rhubarb, and asparagus in the permanent garden spaces. Then I gave him some seeds and pointed him towards one of the garden boxes we’ll probably take out after this year. Bean planted sunflowers (his favorite), peas, pumpkins, and watermelons, and then we did carrots and beets in another space. All that’s left is the peppers and tomatoes.

I also taught Alvie how to clean a bathroom (it’s going to take a lot of practice…) and we baked an apple rhubarb pie (which was delicious).

We did a “fancy” crust with moons & mini-bats. 🙂


The Bean had a pretty good weekend. I always enjoy our weekends together.* You know what’s weird, though? He just keeps growing! He is such an affectionate kid and loves to crawl into my lap, but he barely fits anymore. All of the HYUGE clothes he got for his birthday fit almost perfectly (I was hoping they’d be too big so he could grow into them).

There’s not a lot of room to grow in these pjs.

He’s pretty pleased that he’s “almost as tall” as me, even though it’s been pointed out that I’m not any kind of Amazon. But his feet! His feet are so big.

His new shoes that are about a half size too big and my feet. The only thing keeping me from cramming my foot into his shoe is that kid shoes are narrower than my (still pretty damn narrow) adult foot.

The time that he’ll fit into my lap and that I’ll be able to pick him up and carry him is definitely limited. I’m doing my best to treasure these moments (although his desire to be held and his ability to hold still are at odds with each other, which makes treasuring the snuggles very difficult) which I can still hold him and he still wants to be held.

So for now, we’ll have moments like this, where he looks at me like that while we’re showing off our crazy pizza.

This pizza, although over-topped, turned out to be amazing.



*always is such a fun term when dealing with a five-year-old who never. stops. talking. ever. EVER.